European Leadership course could be of great value for coaches

You are most probably an ambassador of change in the life of your clients. Feelings of helplessness, not being able to find a way out, or looking for help are the most common reasons why people turn to a coach. A high number of well-established coaching and facilitation techniques exist and you are probably using multiple ones.

Knowing about ego development theory can help you adapt other tools to be more developmentally tailored and impactful with your clients.  So, we would like to present to you a different kind of mindset: it’s about vertical development – showing the way towards maturity, offering the opportunity of a more complete, liberated and fulfilling worldview, which is almost always the core reason clients come to you, even though it may not be expressed this way.


Vertical development refers to how we learn to see the world through new eyes, how we change our interpretations of experience and how we transform our views of reality.


Susanne Cook-Greuter’s Leadership Maturity Framework describes nine levels of such transformations or fundamentally different ways of making meaning of ourselves, others and the world. More info about its characteristics can be found in a previous blog post. It describes the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of a person at each level and allows you to find out what is displayed on the radar of a person’s consciousness – about his / her main focus and motivation and about what is still hidden and therefore cannot be raised into consciousness at each stage. Through knowing about this focal point, a person can truly be reached; the real work and change can start from here. Approaching a person from a point of view of a higher level can be misleading; you will most likely misunderstand each other because of different ways of meaning-making.

This model can give you a better understanding of why your clients behave the way they do.

Susanne Cook-Greuter’s Ego Development Theory is based on more than 35 years of research and is validated by the data of thousands of evaluated tests. Susanne also does professional coaching for individuals, in addition to facilitating organizational development. She travels globally to share her insights and to teach courses. Participants in her intensive training course will learn about – as well as experience – the potential of this full-spectrum developmental coaching method.

If you are not a professional coach but someone who is interested in integral theory or personal development, you can gain valuable knowledge from the course, also.

Early bird price is available until 28th February.

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