Who shows up in Vienna – potential contributions so far

There are a bit more than 10 days left until the Regathering! If you’re still hesitating to come, have a look at the potential contributions that have already been offered for the open space process:


  • Integral Facilitator® Interactive Workshop: Using The 3 Primary Perspectives by Rebecca Ejo Colwell and Alana Felt
  • 90 min session about Systemic Consensing by Joachim Born
  • Experience integral consciousness in the flow of Arts (reciting, singing, acting, dancing) by Raquel Torrent
  • Unlocking Integral Spirituality: Exploring 1st Tier Oppressive Limitations, Experiencing 3rd Tier Support by Isaac Portilla
  • There’s a place for your contribution, also!

Integral Facilitator® Interactive Workshop: Using The 3 Primary Perspectives

by Rebecca Ejo Colwell and Alana Felt

As a result of this workshop, you will experience a more nuanced and deeper relationship to the 3 Primary Perspectives that shape our communications at all times. Join us and practice orienting and listening from each of the 3 Primary Perspectives. Expand your skills as a facilitator and increase your ability to create more flex and flow in your conversations. You will practice observing, naming and reflecting — key skills for embodied listening – with support from the co-founder of the Integral Facilitator® program pathway and a current participant in the nine-month certificate program.
– Learn which of the 3 Perspectives you favor and how to grow in all three.
– Learn how all 3 Primary Perspectives shape communication, relationships and collaboration.
– Learn how to use them (and other core skills) to enliven your group conversations and be more masterful in creating deeper we-space.
We are delighted to support growing your self-as-instrument, and this mini-workshop will give you a taste of the nine-month Integral Facilitator® Certificate Program which is coming to Europe for the first time in October 2017.

Systemic Consensing by Joachim Born

By using the usual majority principle:   ‘The needs of others are only important until I have won the majority.” minorities become marginalised. Because the availability of Pro-Votes is limited, they become a scarce resource, thus potentially leading to competition and fight, which can generate, or even flair up, conflicts

Systemic Consensing, SC, however, is an instrument for making decisions without it being an instrument of power, and functions as a conflict resolution through cooperation. The whole process of agreeing on a proposal through SC, including evaluation, decision, and implementation, is faster than the usual majority principle. Sustainable decisions and solutions in a group are rather based on little resistance and few objections of the group members than on high acclamation.

Within the structural frame of SC people seek the minimal rejection of their proposals and ideas. In order to have successful proposals it is better to offer solutions which are not only in ones own best interest, but at the same time minimise the rejection by the other participants. The structure of SC convinces even the most egoistic person to:

  • Investigate and try to understand the needs of the others
  • Respect and integrate the needs of the others as much as possible
  • Show courtesy and cooperation

To fight others or execute power will generate refusal and lead to failure. Power struggles become unproductive and the parties can better use their energy for constructive politics. The extended procedure for measuring resistance on a scale from 0 to 10 yields high exactness. It can be done with hundreds of participants – even online. Evaluation of resistance by raising hands (simplified consensing) is between 0 and 2. Its become more exact, the more people are involved.

Have fun with Poetry & Chanting, Experience Integral Consciousness in the flow of Arts (reciting, singing, acting, dancing) by Raquel Torrent

One hour and a half of experiencing the different aspects of the Artistic expressions, in you, others and me.

Prepare to see the Reality with the eyes of an artist, as you can create a piece of Art with every breath. 

You will learn a song that will serve for raising your everyday consciousness


Unlocking Integral Spirituality: Exploring 1st Tier Oppressive Limitations, Experiencing 3rd Tier Support by Isaac Portilla

EXPLORING… Value systems, psycho-social frameworks, and the belief systems that go with them, affect and limit our spiritual progress much more of what we would be ready to admit at a first glance.  Oppressive limitations are much more plausible in 1st Tier-dominated contexts. Here are some examples:

(BLUE contexts) Within authoritarian or traditional environments, dogmas and extreme positions (yes or no, right or wrong) may question the validity of your experiences, progress, inclinations and discoveries (i.e., “if you fit, fair enough; if not, you are wrong”).  Also, non-mystical and non-experiential approaches to spirituality (quite more common in these contexts) tend to create ideas of the Divine, far away from the definitions of the mystics and sages, not favoring the contemplative approach to spirituality.

(ORANGE contexts) If accustomed to competitive environments, it is likely your approach to spiritually will be effort-based, attainment-based, control-based, proof-based, and short-term oriented; these patterns put too much pressure for a balanced spiritual progress, may deny important spiritual principles (e.g., faith, prayer, etc.), and could make you feel disoriented when starting to feel the need of trust, letting-go and surrender that spiritual awareness will surely demand from you.

(GREEN contexts) When used to relativistic, scientifically-suspicious and enquiry-evasive environments (i.e., “live and let live”), you may take very permissive, “politically” correct and reductionist attitudes about spiritual topics (i.e., “all paths lead to the same goal,” “spirituality is just about living in the present moment,” or “about realizing that we are all One”), a tendency which slowly but consistently obliterates all depth, beauty and evolutionary possibilities of spiritual experience.

In sum, if spirituality is a path of Truth, First Tier contexts are too often quite unwelcoming for it.

In this exploratory session the idea is to share how our exposition to these value systems is affecting our spiritual path and how these environments may condition our growth, and to help each other to overcome these limitations and to move forward.

EXPERIENCING… The session will begin and end with a simple contemplative meditation, energetically heart-centered at the Overmind level (i.e., the third level / Third Tier in the current AQUAL model, beginning of the third level of Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga), as it is this level the one in which the descending Spirit affects directly the mental and vital-emotional aspects of our being, thus supporting the enquiry process and the liberation from oppressive limitations that we will explore.

Please feel free to add yours using the link below:

Looking forward to meeting you in person in Vienna!

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