Brigitte Wingelmayr, our host on the 3rd day of the Integral Community Tour

When you go inside into the stillness and open up your heart, what kind of clarity can you bring back into your everyday life? The program should not be expected from outside. Brigitte believes that we all have a capacity in our personal lives to re-design the program, to disconnect from all the patterns and to open up into the Unimaginable because this is where future solutions will lead. Before that, things have to fall apart though. And one part in all of us is afraid of this so-called losses.

She truly believes that we need to integrate those so-called lower levels, that we tend to look down. If there is such a chaotic energy in the world as it is the case now, it pushes us into a childish position. The question is, what do we actually do with this part in us?

When this archaic energy is just boosting around, we need to become like a sumo wrestler to hold it and that is the type of empowerment that is missing when we are just nice, kind and sweet.

This is the basic framework, we may also make a constellation of energies to hold them on the 3rd day of the Tour.

“Take the power back and say yes to a possibility of constructive power. If everybody shies away, because power is bad then it just stays with those who enjoy destruction.” (Brigitte Wingelmayr)

There is an archaic energy flowing up in her spiritual mountain house. This energy has to be used for purposes in direct life.

In this amazing environment you can experience different roots, completely different energies and you can start to sense how you can cope with it and how you can even heal the roots – not just yours but also the ones of your ancestors.

“Spirituality that is not rooted in whatever you do, is not gonna help anybody.”

One particular point is that religions need to heal so that there’s not so much fear from one to the other. And that’s also one part that she would like to be working with.  She’s a keeper. Annette Kaiser called her “a healing energetic biotope” during her last visit to Brigitte. That energy can actually be found there and you can take it with you, it’s not stuck. She’ll be very happy to host everybody who decides to join us for this unforgettable experience.

With Love,

the IEC team

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