Experiential Workshops At IEC3: What Should You Know About Them?

Experiential Workshops At IEC3: What Should You Know About Them?

An important part of the Integral European Conference are experiential transformative workshops listed under experiential workshop track. Here is what you should know about them.

We invite you to IEC not only to think together with fellow integralists but also toexperience playful, deep transformational and sometimes life-changinggroup exercises in the mutually shared lower-left quadrant we-space of group practices.

Angela Bogo Halvorsen storyteller, clown, group therapist and workshop leader from Norway running a workshop where laughter, play, deeper emotions and insights come up, at the 2nd IEC

We practices has become recently more and more popular in the global integral scene but it has been always there in integral theory: the notion that forpersonality development such work is needed. If you want to become a “centaur personality” – a symbol that Wilber chose to designate the integral teal stage of personality development – then you need to work on yourself. But not just alone. Be and interact with others in a community in this way.

Your personality by its very nature is a social thing. 

To embody the integral standards of a higher stage personalty at our conferences we give 35-50% of the time to experiential group processes.They are in the afternoon (workshop rooms) and the evenings (all community experientials) but sometimes the also appear during the Key Note speaker times in the morning hours led from the main stage. This makes a conference more engagingreal and meaningful than an old style tak-talk conference.

Workshops at IEC are typically  

  • Deeply touching psychotherapeutic processes that heal and transform
  • Joyful experientials with fun
  • Group processes where people learn new skills about how to be integral (“centauric”, “second-tier”, “third-tier”, “level 6”, “yellow”, „teal“, “turquoise”, “all quadrant” etc.)

Centauric, second-tier, third-tier, level 6, yellow, teal, turquoise, all quadrant.

  • Constellation works
  • Spiritual practices
  • Any of these or their combinations

A joyful workshop moment on IEC2 (2016)

How do we select applications?

Our selection process for this track generally prefers

1. Real experiential workshops over verbal presentations mislabeled as “workshop”, or mere 3rd person perspective theorizing on 1st and 2nd person practices

2. Exercises that involve deep attentiongenuine connection between participants, sharing their interiors, giving feedback to each other, usingnonverbal elements – may it be movementsbreathingsoundmusic

Experienced process leaders with an integral approach will  get the floor

3. Experienced therapistshealersworkshop and group leaders with years of practice people who can touch souls, shift the atmosphere, put people into higher / deeper states, induce authenticity, opening, healing, love, presence and celebration of life – any of these or combinations of these. We want you to make sure people leave the room differently from when they walked in.

4. Who understand how their exercise is embodying and manifesting a given integral principle or concept, thereby marrying territory and map.

Do you want to be part of this? 


Step up to the global integral scene and offer them a workshop!

DEADLINE: the 15th of November 

Hand in the title and a short description and you can work out the details later!


The 3rd Integral European Conference from the 22 to 27 of May will bericher-than-ever before!

+ 2 TIMES MORE KEYNOTES Approximately 14 awesome Keynote Speaker has confirmed coming so far, 2 times more than last years. Stay tuned, we will post them here to you.

+ 1 DAY Another exciting news: the conference will be 1 DAY LONGER FOR SAME PRICE like last year! This prices applies till Dec31. Registration opens in 3-10 days and will be posted here.

Besides deeply moving sacred International Constellation Crowd Processby Bence Gánti and Barbara von Meibom also Diane Musho Hamilton will facilitate from main stage and Susanne Cook-Greuter teams up with Doshin Nelson Roshi zen master and Angela Bogo Halvorsen clown to awaken us with humor and wit!

120 PRESENTERS Another and 120 other presenters and workshop leaders are offering the best and the cream of the current global integral world for 6 days.

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