No boss and wholeness in the workplace? Teal comes to IEC3!


No boss and wholeness in the workplace? Teal comes to IEC3!


What is Teal, what is the Teal international world closely associated with the integral world, and what will happen at the Teal section on the 3rd Integral European Conference?

George Poor, the co-leader and curator of the IEC Teal Track, and founder of the online magazine Enlivening Edge (that collects and connects international teal initiatives and its accounts) writes: 

There are more and organizations “guided by the next stage of human consciousness,” where all members can work in joy and dignity, and their call and talents are honored. Their movement got a major boost in 2014 by the publication of Frederic Laloux’s book, Reinventing Organizations. Laloux uses to describe the stages of organizational functioning and human relationships based Ken Wilber’s stages (levels) of consciousness in which the integral stage is labeled with the color teal. Wilber labels his stages lately with colors like “orange”, “green”, “teal”, etc. So simply put teal is the label if integral stage consciousness and functioning which in the teal world is specifically applies to companies, organizations, the world of work.

Many things have happened since then: Reinventing Organizations Wiki, Enlivening Edge, Next-Stage World, Teal for Teal, Corporate Rebels, Teal for Startups, just to name a few initiatives.

 The women and the men, who are working on developing such next-stage organizations, will gather again at IEC 2018. We call it the TealOrg Track, but it will be more like an adventure holiday, a learning expedition into discovering the future of organizing. Imagine a “conference track,” where:

• Participants are supported in shaping their individual and collective learning agendas.

• Thought leaders and practitioners of reinvention become energizers of new possibilities rather than just transmitters of knowledge. They embrace the fact that they don’t know everything since there is no template for the emerging future.

• Organizers optimize the track’s design for both here-and-now transformative processes, and growing systemic capabilities.

Following the success at IEC 2016 of the first-ever Teal Organizations track of the conference, a new and larger team organized by Enlivening Edge, in collaboration with Next Stage World, will curate the Teal Organizations track at the third Integral European Conference, 22-27 May 2018 in Hungary. The intention is to create a programme that caters to the different needs of people and different stages on their (organizations’) journey to Teal. Perhaps you happened to just read the Reinventing Organizations book or hear from a colleague about it, or are just curious about what Eros has to do with reinvention, or you’re a seasoned practitioner of Holacracy®, Sociocracy, or any other flavour of next-stage organizational practices. In any case, in the rich menu of our track at IEC 2018 you will find something nourishing and juicy.

The track will bring together people from diverse sectors of society to raise awareness of the versatility of organizations that are demonstrating the future of work in the present, including in healthcare, education, transportation, consulting, training, start-ups, manufacturing, commerce, public administration, and other sectors.

This time, there will also be an emphasis on the birth and evolution of the “next-stage organizations” wave and how the emerging integral or “Teal” organizations are drivers for transformation across many areas of society.

The topics of presentations and workshops will cover

  • what Teal is and how it supports all previous stages of development,
  • the transformative potential–at the individual, organizational, and systemic scale–of the 3 breakthroughs marking Teal organizational consciousness, and
  • the influence of Integral thinking on organizations ‘going Teal.’

Based on early expression of interest in delivering workshops in the track, we know that there will be Allies of Evolution coming from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and even from countries farther away, such as Australia, China, Russia, and US.

If you have developed some innovative practices for reinventing organizations or are a thought leader in your field, we encourage you to share your experience and wisdom at the conference. It is still not too late to apply for and secure a slot in the programme. If you do that, don’t forget to look up also the page with important background information about this track.

Last but not least, at IEC 2018 you will have a chance to tap into the collective intelligence of our track’s participants and build crucial connections for helping to lift your project and the organization that you work with to their next stage.

Save the 22-27 May date in your calendar and come!



References for the Teal colleagues:


With Love,

The IEC team

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