Big thank you to all Integral friends!


Today we closed the early bird sales period of IEC 2018 and there are some great news for you.


We would like to acknowledge to all of you who booked a seat for the upcoming conference!

  • The IEC team is more than happy to announce  that in this short period already 180 seats of the 600 has been taken. Participants from all continents has registered.
  • We received over 220 presenter’s applications for the conference and the evaluation team is working on them.
  • Our “Magical Mystery Tour” integral  3-day sightseeing bus is 60% full  already.

All in all we are witnessing a strong interest in the conference. Our team works full time in order to deliver to you the most exciting and most touching event we have done so far.


Thank you for your support and looking forward to seeing you very soon at IEC 2018 all of you who have registered and who are planning to do so between now and next May!



With Love,

The IEC team





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