HOTEL AZÚR: the venue


The venue

This 4-star hotel is an awesome place!

The 3rd IEC will be at Hotel Azúr in Hungary, in a nicely located town, named Siófok, directly on the shore of beautiful Lake Balaton.

The name of the hotel is not a random choice, Hungarian word „azúr” means azure, the beautiful blue colour like the lake itself when the sun shines through its softly rippling waves.
This 4-star hotel is an awesome place! A spacious, cheerful, clean accomodation with a post modern touch to it. The global integral community will “occupy” the whole hotel, and you will go through an unparalleled experience in this week-long evolutionary holiday.

Conference guests can take advantage of the extensive indoor and outdoor wellness area.

Why do we advise all conference participants to stay at Hotel Azúr?

For several reasons, first of all having everybody in the same place will deepen the community experience of the event. If one stays elsewhere one needs to walk away each day from the flow of the community on of the reasons people usually come to IEC.

The grand integral tribe will be together on this tranquil lakeshore (the lake is in our garden!) in a 20-25 celsius (70-80 F) warm springtime, with blossoming flowers and swaying green trees. The end of May is the most pleasant and romantic time of the year in Central Europe! 

We made a great deal with the hotel which allows IEC participants to use all of the hotel facilities including the ballroom, restaurant and large wellness area.

If you can not afford staying at the hotel apply for scholarship here in which we can arrange cheap stay for you in 3 to 5 min walking distance from the hotel in “zimmer frei” quiet and private home stays 50% cheaper than any airbnb or hotel you’ll get in the area.

Food options in the hotel

We are aware how important is the good quality, healthy food for a self- and environmental conscious community like the integral one. You’ll get a detailed descirption of food options in our next blog. Or variety of diet options will be offered during the conference and 3 experts are collaborating currently to create the menu for the IEC participants.

With Love,
The IEC team

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