Vegan chef hired

We all know that food is at the base of the hierarchy of needs. It is comforting to say that the IEC team and the hotel management walk the extra mile to satisfy participants’ gastronomical demands.

We are happy to announce that a vegan chef is hired at Hotel Azúr.

That’s a great news for many people in the super-conscious integral community.

Meat lovers don’t need to worry. A wonderful thing in our community is that we accept each other as we are. So if you are not vegetarian or vegan you’re warmly welcome and no need to prepare yourself a one-week fasting. There will be plenty of dishes for you too.

Some examples from the menu:

Salad: Cucumber salad with sour cream; Asian salad with hazelnut; Olive and chickpeas salad with rosemary; Red onion, tomato and potato salad

Soup: Garlic cream soup with vegetable chips; Spinach cream soup, fried celery; Vegetable soup; Chicken soup with tarragon; Cold mango soup with rice milk; Creamy mushroom soup

Main course: Buckwheat with thyme; Whole mackerel with lemon and vegetables; Pork paprika with egg noodles; Grilled chicken with aromatized vegetables; Asparagus tagliatelle with parmesan

Dessert: Peach millet cake; Custard with egg white foam balls; Paleo coconut flower cake; Fresh fruit selection; Apple cream cloves foam; Ice cream with fruit

What about the restaurant services in the hotel?

Hotel Azur is a 4-star hotel where chefs prepare high-quality food, always using healthy and fresh ingredients. You can enjoy Hungarian and international tastes, prepared traditionally or in a modern way.

The fine wines of the Balaton region and other traditional Hungarian wine-growing areas are worthy companions of these culinary pleasures.

The artistically made coffees, cocktails and desserts prove that the “dolce vita” can also be healthy if lived with moderation.

No doubt you’ll be well-nourished on every level, physically, mentally and spiritually.




With Love,
The IEC team





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