What is needed for humanity to become Allies of Evolution?

What is needed for humanity to become Allies of Evolution?

Diana Claire Douglas

Diana Claire Douglas is a systemic facilitator (family, organizational, and collective), member core teams of The Hague Centre + Integral City, and Anne Marie Voorhoeve is a founder, director, The Hague Center; director of International Club of Budapest, facilitator, meshworker.
Diana will present “The Conscious Witness Project” and they will take together a constellation workshop “What is needed for humanity to become Allies of Evolution?” at IEC2018 in May.

As a facilitator of Systemic Constellation Work offering Constellating for the Collective workshops and retreats, she wonders, Is humanity ready to be Allies of Evolution? Or, will humanity continue to be Colonizers of Planet Earth?
Over the last few years she has been expanding her facilitation practice from family and organizational constellational work to societal issues (social justice, climate change, collective crises, money etc) and at the collective level (community, city , global, planetary) she calls this work Constellating for the Collective.

Diana is from Canada, and right now a very hot and poignant issue is how do First Peoples, Metis, and Inuit and Settlers come into right relationship. There are stages in this process: decolonizing and reconciliation. She has been living the question, how do I/those of us, or our ancestors, who come from afar (often from European countries)—colonizers, adventurers, settlers, refugees — decolonize ourselves so that we can become allies for each other? She is continuing to unwind the ways she has unconsciously held the western colonial mindset which includes at its foundation the victim-tyrant-rescuer-rebel-survivor pattern.

Listening to messages from Indigenous Elders from around the world, they are reminding us that we need to find our own indigenous roots, re-connect with Mother Earth and all Life, and learn how to be conscious witnesses for each other so that we know who we trully are, why we are here and where we are going. For her, finding my own indigenous roots is about honouring my European Celtic heritage.

This process has opened her eyes and heart…and so she found herself wanting to apply what she has been learning about allies to another scale — humanity in relationship with Evolution.

How do we become allies? What is an ally, really? What resources (ancestors, forces, qualities) do we need to acknowledge and accept to support us in being allies? What impact does the Conscious Witness have on this exploration?
Join us in asking the Knowing Field “What is needed for humanity to become Allies of Evolution?” And participate in preparing the field for the Big Community Constellation happening during the conference.

The Conscious Witness Project

Presenting a paper on The Conscious Witness Project is a coming full-circle for the Project! In May she was co-facilitating, with her colleague Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, a workshop at IEC 2016. The workshop was called “Finding a Home for the Victim and Tyrant: A Spiral Journey Exploring the Abuse of Power.” They started preparing for the workshop months before — the beginnings of this action research project. This prepared them to receive, on the day of the workshop, a “download” (from the Knowing Field): a naming of different kinds of witnesses in conflictual situations. Anne-Marie and Diana did the first experiment — testing the impact of these witnesses — in constellation work exercises during the workshop. It was here that they first experienced how much impact the witness-who-sees-beyond-the-pattern has on the field.

They felt that the door had opened to something very important. Back in Canada, when she reported to her constellator colleague Rosalba Stocco what had happened in the workshop, she became very enthusiastic. And they decided to do a phenomenological research project to explore the impact of different kinds of witnesses (witnesses who deny, freeze, flee, fight, observe neutrally, and see-beyond- the-pattern) on local and global events. They have each done multiple tests using different themes (for example victim-tyrant), and have had consistent results that the witness-who-sees-beyond-the-pattern shifts the social field towards healing.

Most recently Diana has seen real-time impact when working with a small group (WaterCare Allies) to shift from being social activists to being sacred activists. In response to a very “hot issue” — the building of above-ground nuclear waste dumps very close to the Ottawa River, where Canada’s capital city sits — they did a constellation to be deeply informed about all parties involved in this issue.

Near the end of the process, Unconditional Love (a form of the conscious witness) entered the field, and the field changed. The biggest impact was on the members of the WaterCare Allies, who experienced this shift and decided to do their activism differently —from oppositional to a place of unconditional love for all parties involved. This project is called “Planting Love.”

Anne-Marie thinks that the power of the heart is tremendous, as is the Conscious Witness. She brings both to the workshop as co-facilitator and space-holder for the constellation. Our hearts know how to do this Work – so stepping out of the way and learning to listen to the Universal Heart may be first next steps in order to become Allies of Evolution. In her life and work she is service of finding new ways and of hospicing the old, making way for emergence in co creating our future. Since Diana and she started the action research in preparation for the workshop on “Finding a Home for the Tyrant” at IEC2016, becoming the Conscious Witness (the-witness-who-sees-beyond-patterns) has become one of her daily practises.

Diana and Anne-Marie see The Conscious Witness Project as a key aspect to being allies of evolution.

Awaken to your conscious witness!

About Diana

Diana Claire Douglas: is a systemic facilitator (family, organizational, and collective/societal), social architect, researcher and writer, and explorer of the depths. On international core teams of The Hague Centre for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence (THC), and Integral City, she co-authored chapters in two books: Integral City: Inquiry and Action, and Cohering the Integral We Space. She is happy to be participating in the emergence of Constellating for the Collective.

About Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is founder THC-The Hague Center for Global Governance; co-founder School of Social Alchemy; strategy director Club of Budapest International Network, core catalyst NETSPIRIT; core team Integral City Meshworks Inc; global strategist, social & energetic architect, innovative co-creator, experienced coach, facilitator, representative. Peace builder (World Peace Prize 2017), international expert in meshworking for integral transformation of society into a regenerative world.

With Love,
The IEC team

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