IEC Community Call #2


2 May 2018

A taster of IEC vibes.

What is a Community Call?

A community call or a CommCall is an online meeting without physical frontieres, open to anyone who wants to join from all over the world. So basically a video call with a bunch of people.

It is an awesome opportunity to learn about the conference, start connecting with people, and feel into the “integral crowd” atmosphere. A great community building before seeing each other in person!

This year’s main topic is ’ALLIES OF EVOLUTION’, the slogen of IEC 2018. Taste these powerful expression, think about it, contemplate on it and don’t hesitate to share what it means to you.

We can create a huge meeting in virtual space to:

  • learn more about IEC programs and presenters and even each other

  • developing stories together around the topic

  • connect with like-minded people

  • ask your questions about the topic/the integral attitude/the conference and so on

  • give feedback to the organizing team

  • experience the ambiance of integral community.

Time frame is 1,5-2 hours and Bence Ganti, director of IEC will facilitate giving the chance to everyone who wants to add his or her thoughts.

Save the date: 2 May 2018, CET 19:00

How to join?

Get your link below. If you don’t have Zoom in your computer yet, download it and install.

Or just click on the link that comes with the confirmation email.

If you feel the calling, don’t hesitate to call in.

With Love,
The IEC team

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