IEC 2018 Movie Trailer!

We gladly let you know that the IEC Documentary Movies are ready. Here is the short 3-minute version! Make sure you use good audio, it has movie level sound effects in it along with multiple camera and drone captures!

Soon we’ll share here the main 20+ minute movie with narration, reports, amazing captures and dramatic camera and sound work. Also a special movie comes from the Constellation that is totally heart blowing and shows the consecutive phases and intimate moments of what really happened there. We’ll also share some of the key note videos here in the coming weeks and also the media website where you can access everything and all videos.

For now, enjoy the 3-minute IEC2018 trailer!

With Love, The IEC team

About Last Year’s Regathering

”I feel great, excited, so many new ideas or old ideas with innovated hearts, passions. We just had a session about fooling and being okay with making mistakes… It was very nice and the people are also amazing.”

Maria Bailey
Integral facilitator

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