Living holacracy is awesome – Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller

Living holacracy is awesome

Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller 

The presentation of Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller was so inspiring at IEC 2018. We all have learned that „evolution is self-transcendence through self-organisation” and one of the most evolutionary thing we can do is to work, earn and live for purpose.
Listen to the whole video and learn how to become a Purpose Agent who is a dynamic part of the Allies of Evolution.

Watch the whole 20 minutes presentation here:

TEAL is not just a color but also a word of a new world, a way to follow to step into the next level of Organisational Development.

Christiane is one of the founders of Encode, where they developed a for Purpose enterprise, where everybody in the team is living this idea. Christiane shares with us in her speech how to make it happen.

If any doubts in your head about holacracy and its efficiency, give yourself 20 minutes and listen to Christiane’s speech, or scroll down and read an extract and listen into the shorter video versions to taste into it.

making it real
create self-organised oranisations – truly, completely, practically

Self-organised and Purposeful workplaces?

Let’s see the truth: if we want to live in a better world, we do not have too much other choices – but living our everyday lives according to a higher purpose wich moves forward not just our individual lives but the human life on Earth.

Matrix of 5 principles and 3(+1) containers to thrive at a TEAL organisation

The 5 principles in organisations to follow to go into this new world of TEAL:
! note that all of these fit naturally together, one doesn’t exist without the other!

1. purposeful: „purpose rules”, purpose is the new boss, it is the orientation, to take decision, it is the guidance, Purpose is the first criteria.
2. holarchic: a fancy word for stucture, a structural hierarchy like in nature. It’s about a natural order, based on structure and not on power. That’s the difference between holarchy and hierarchy.
3. dynamic: need to have distributive authority, need to have authority in every single entity of organisation to make dynamic desicions, in order to be dynamic to service the purpose.
4. autonomous: autonomy to be able to make desicions dyanmically
take on the autonomy and be given the autonomy by the system able to act responsible
5. transparency: need it because of the 4 previous principles.

Encode has developed the for purpose entreprise and as a TEAL enterprise consists on 3 containers.

1. container: organisation
focus on the work and having a very clear purpose orientation

2. container: company
focus on the property, the assets, the legal issues, above employment
At this company everybody is an investor: time, money, energy.

3. container: association
focus on people, culture, we space – our normes, our culture

+1 is YOU as a Purpose Agent
All is around you, you are in the middle of this whole thing.

Here is the time to all of us who can relate with the integral approach to become Purpose Agents and Allies of Evolution and together making the tipping point.

With Love,
The IEC team

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