Merkel, Putin and Integral in Davos? World Economic Forum News

Merkel, Putin and Integral in Davos? World Economic Forum News

Among many Angela Merkel, Prince William, Benjamin Netanyahu said yes, Putin and Theresa May are pending, and IEC said yes for being there in the World Economic Forum (WEF) ecosystem next week in Davos, Switzerland!

The biggest names in politics in business appear in the snowy Swiss Alps town for the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting. Here Davos BlockBase will host the 2019 SuperNode Gathering, an event series with thoughtful panels, roundtables, and collaborative sessions. In this Bence Gánti IEC director and Farsam Shadab IEC presenter will team up and bring integral consciousness to the WEF ecosystem.

Jack Ma of Ali Baba’s

private dinner opens the floor for BlockBase, to be followed by the SuperNode events where big business, technology, consciousness, and the future meet. Based on the Guiding Principles of symbiotic living for personal & planetary wellbeing, the Davos Planetary SuperNodes Gathering 2019 calls for individuals and teams with meaningful projects with global impact to join WEF week so to leverage the power of the global community and drive collaboration in transforming culture, art & consciousness in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Age.

Integral Theory will appear by Bence and Farsam in forms of: Extended Intelligence & Human Potential (panel) Integral Health & Symbiosis Living (topic) An Integral Era and the Stages of Development (workshop)

If you are interested, learn more at:

If you’d like to join us please go to this link and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Please note that IEC and our presenters has no control over the admission process,  it is run independently by the event organizers.

With Love, The IEC team

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