Professional spiritual yodeling singer leads us to practice at the Regathering

Professional spiritual yodeling singer leads us to practice at the Regathering


Heidi Clementi


Experience the taste of Austrian Alps’ mountain spirituality: Heidi Celementini is a professional yodeling singer, you know, that interesting tone where the Alps singer alternates regular tones with funny high pitches. Popularised on TV like Austrian and South German (Alps region) songs for beer and wurst festivals, behind the secular tourist scene, for the Alps people it has a deeper, often spiritual significance. A connection to the mountains, alignment with nature, an invitation of the divine. A tool of consciousness for inner alignment, calming the mind, and dropping into the heart.

It is one of the most remarkable and variant richest genres of alpine folk music. Yodeling, with its various local characteristics, is an ethnic form of singing and expression that can be found especially in mountainous regions. It had its origins in the call from mountain to mountain, the communication from Alp to Alp. Recognisable from the very first few notes, this Alpine music has the love for nature and home as its central themes.

Characteristic features of yodeling are the frequent switching between the chest and head or falsetto part (register change), a tight polyphony, large interval jumps and the almost exclusive use of major keys. Another distinguishing feature of the yodeling is the singing or calling on sound syllables. Vowels serve as a sound carrier and make the sonority vocally easily. Syllables and melody are very closely linked.

The natural yodel is more than singing, than an „Alpine shout”, it is a sing for joy as a song. It is wordless, formless, informal, rampant and authentic. A true natural yodeling comes from the heart and goes to the heart, does not conform to any rule, is the expression and embodiment of freedom. Feelings that need no words are discharged in it: love, passion for life, fervor and spirituality. It’s like a musical dialogue or storytelling and very often, strong emotions are associated with it. In the broad, quiet yodeling, there is the primal need of mankind to sound and to resonate with other voices.

Not surprisingly, yodeling leads people and groups within a very short time to deeper connectedness. The yodel awakens the archetypal longing for continuity, clarity and serenity in a time that is characterized by a constant increase in speed and also arouses a need for nature and one’s own naturalness.

Yodel songs are about everyday life on the alpine pastures, the desires and joys of the dairymaid, her love life. It is archaic and strong, resembling an ancient sound, that awakens a longing to rest, to feel a gentle force in us, to show the world our frothing happiness. Allowing the “register change” from chest to head voice requires a little confidence in your own voice at the beginning. Bravely sing, to take a little courage, and it is already easy: The liberating feeling comes from the rapid change between resonance chambers and the loose movement of the larynx.

Clementi, a nascent to the Alps specialized in yodeling as spiritual practice. She is a known singer and popular workshop leader in Austria. She joins us for the IEC Regathering 2019 to offer this practice and experience to the international integral community.

She will help to find confidence in our natural voice – a quality good to have for yodeling. No prior voice training or experience is required. Finding our voice, letting things out, experiencing release, liberation, and joy: helps us spiritually align and reconnect. Yodeling is fun, and yes, sometimes even crazy!

Dive into the world of voice and senses and nourish your soul on the Regathering!

About Heidi Clementi:

Heidi grew up near Bozen/South Tyrol but lived, studied and worked in Vienna for over 30 years. She was always drawn back to the mountains and in 2017, she moved back to South Tyrol, to live in Meran. Singing and yodeling is a basic human need for her. As a singing- and yodeling-instructor Heidi wants to awaken the magic of spontaneous and informal collective singing, because many people feel it: singing makes them happy!

She invites people of all ages to experience the joy of yodeling and singing together. At the Regathering we will yodel freely and get to know these archaic songs.

The head marvels – the soul rejoices – the heart laughs.





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With Love, The IEC team

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