The Twelve – A New Spiritual Movie!

The Twelve — A New Spiritual Movie!


12 shamans teach and meet at the UN in New York!

At the IEC Regathering in Vienna we are screening a brand-new spiritual documentary movie of twelve shamans from around the globe sharing their wisdom. These great masters were going to the United Nations New York headquarters in 2017 to meet and do a ceremony on behalf of humanity to make changes in the world.

We are pleased to be among the first to screen the movie and introduce it to the Integral world. Currently, the film is not shown or available anywhere yet, so it is a unique opportunity for viewing.

The film was presented by Le Ciel Foundation & Cause and Effect Films and directed by Lucy Martens and Oliver Girard. It transits one of the most powerful and worthwile message of twelve highly spiritual Elders from wisdom traditions around the globe.

Le Ciel Foundation’s mission was to bring together spiritual masters who were sought out to raise global consciousness and affect real change in our ways of living and being, for greater joy, love, magic and reconnection for all.

They came to the conclusion, that the only way to return to the true nature of human beings is by recalibrating our relationship with nature and to each other, with humility, respect and compassion.

The foundation has some extremely important initiatives that can support the change in our world:

  • The Twelve and Above Wisdom Council at the United Nations (2017)
  • The Twelve and Above Wisdom Council at the United Nations (2017)
  • The Wisdom and Nature Art Exhibition in London, Paris and New York (2017)
  • The Holistic Visions Symposium in Barcelona (2018)
  • The Holistic Visions Quest (2018)
  • The Twelve: a feature-length film

In November 2017, twelve highly spiritual elders from wisdom traditions around the globe agreed to gather at the United Nations in New York City in a council called The Council of Twelve and Above. For this one purpose these masters have set their cultural differences aside and performed a unique ritual in complete unity on an ancestral point of concentrated energy. The United Nations sits on this point.

Each elder holds a specific quality and, with the combination of all twelve qualities through this ritual, enabled the elders to lay out a new energetic matrix in which humans can live in love and harmony with themselves and planet Earth. At the end of the ritual, the elders sent their collective vision and intention to the source of all.

About the film

The Twelve is a feature-length documentary film that gives a voice to wisdom traditions through the words of these twelve elders. They share important and worthwhile messages that we can all benefit from in these troubled times.

The Twelve tells the story of twelve spiritual Elders from around the globe who gather at the United Nations in New York to create a unique ritual for humankind and planet Earth. Interviewing each one of them in their home environments, they give an unprecedented insight into their knowledge, traditions and rituals. Each of the twelve share a long-forgotten wisdom and knowing of our eternal and complex connection with nature and all of humanity. We follow four of the elders as they travel for the first time to New York — from the isolated coast of Siberia, the mountains of Colombia, the jungles of the Amazon, the deserts of Botswana — and witness the powerful energy of their three-day reunion in New York. Their messages are unified about what needs to be done to change the course our planet is taking.

The film is not about the story of the search for the Twelve, but about the message that these elders are transmitting to the world, speaking their truth and letting the world know about what they did for the benefit of all. It also highlights how the wisdom of traditions can be a source of inspiration and solutions for ourselves and our modern society. This is a form of thanking the incredible elders, who decided to travel for thousands of miles and unite to create a better future for all humans. 

 The ancestral wisdom traditions hold many essential keys, in the form of both practical and spiritual wisdom, to redress the balance between nature and humanity.

At the IEC Regathering, you will have the chance to watch the documentary film and receive the messages of these highly spiritual elders.




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With Love, The IEC team

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