Why Global Integral Awakens? Understanding the title.

Why Global Integral Awakens? Understanding the title. 

What is IEC 2020 about?

IECs in general: The principal gatherings of the global integral community, held in Europe.

Integral European Conferences are the premier venue for the global integral world to get together and exchange information, knowledge, and experience. Integral Theory not only connects the objective, exterior physical world (nature sciences) with the subjective, psychological inner world (human sciences) in its individual and collective forms, but also translates it to major domains of everyday life, such as businesses, organizations, leadership, politics, education, health, ecology, sustainability, arts, just to name a few. 

IEC 2020 in particular: Global Integral Awakens

When we give a focus to IECs with a title, we examine three things: what larger trends are happening in in the world in general; in the integral world in particular; and where IEC is heading with its events.

1. Trends in the World

Ecological crisis is more urgent than ever, which unites us globally. Integral solutions are more needed than ever to transform the interiors and exteriors for a sustainable new world. We have reached a critical phase where the old system can’t go on and the new world has to come. Let the river of transformation flow through all quadrants and all continents, and your work might be crucial in this transition. Humanity all around the globe feels for the first time in history together that we might be all close to extinction.

We see in 2019-2020 an unprecedented amount of change: we as humantity might well be deep in the transformation process already. Finally it is happening.

2. The trend in the global Integral World

In 2019, we are witnessing a new phase when the need for continental-scale integral gatherings has also appeared in Latin America and Africa. In Latin America, the first Hispanic American Integral Conference (Primer Encuentro HispanoAmerica Integral) was successfully held in Colombia, and in Johannesburg, South Africa, the first Integral African Conference has just happened. Integral is on the rise globally, which is another process signaling „integral global awakens,” in the sense of the integral movement having a global awakening to itself.

3. The trend at the IEC events

We started out as a European conference with non-European guests, and we ended up being a global conference organized in Europe. In 2018, during IEC3, „Allies of Evolution” (non-European) global attendees reached an almost 40%. We started to feel the shift from being a European conference with non-European guests to being a global conference held in Europe. And from this point on, together we are part of the global integral awakening.

We have entered a new period when the global ecological crisis has grown to an emergency phase. This unites us, humans globally more than before. We are in a global era, where the old playbooks don’t work anymore: nor an amber regression to nation-states, nor the linear growth economy with its orange capitalism are sustainable, and lead us out from the crisis. A post-capitalistic economy with a post-democratic collective governance system has to be created. The script of the new world is not yet globally written: many (of us) are working on it today. The integral scene is a hotspot for these scripts and thinking. Not coincidentally the integral movement and IEC itself have also shifted to a global phase, full of inspiration, purpose, and solutions. 

We call everyone from Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific to gather next year, and come together to share, teach, and co-create the new world at IEC 2020!


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