What kind of people attend IECs, is it for you too?

What kind of people attend IECs, is it for you too?

Any kind of person is welcomed who feels to be attracted and also here is a quick checklist of some people who are typically interested in coming to IECs. 

Basically IEC is built on Integral Theory (often also referred to as Integral Psychology) of Ken Wilber and more than 100 associated developmental models, psychologists, spiritual teachers, and other experts in humanities and science. Since it has been based strongly on the integration of spirituality and psychology it very much speaks to psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches, social workers, healers, and spiritual teachers. 

But not exclusively! Since many other humanities build on psychology and look for a more integrative alternative many other areas are applying it to their fields, such as business leaders, leadership trainers, organizational development and HR experts, social systems change agents, ecological approaches, politicians. It also shows up in some parts of the academic world. 

Therefore if you are a coach an organizational development expert or if you are a leader or training leaders or offering trainings for companies then you will find a lot of interesting things here. Actually you will find that some of the most leading-edge experts and practices on the planet will meet here, will gather here, and you have a chance to either share your expertise or participate in others too to learn and an exchange knowledge.

At the same time, integral is applied to ecology so the current ecological you know situation the global climate change and all these issues will be strongly on the table.

Nowadays there are a lot of people translating integral theory into politics and societal issues. For example, in Switzerland there is a party called in integral and there are integral delegacies in the Parliament which is very interesting. One of our colleagues are coaching the House of Lords in the UK.

Some people apply the integral theory to politics and one of the aspects is the refugee situation. If you are an expert or practitioner working with politics or working with the refugees you will also hear presentations and panels on the subject, so much so that one of the major Hungarian foundations who are working with torture victims among the migrants are also coming and presenting their findings. Meaning, we will deeply discuss the European migrant and refugee situation both from the aspect of politics and society and both from the aspects of healing clinical work psychotherapy and social work.


And of course it can be complete without art we have the fortune to have beautiful artists with us at IEC and there are painters who will come and create an exhibition of their integrally inspired paintings and of course other forms of art appear such as music, cinema.

We are going to open an integral cinema room where different seen and unseen so far unseen movies are going to be showcased.

One of the most exciting movies coming out in 2020, is Grace and Grit by Sebastian Siegel. He is writer and director of the movie, who adapted the globally acclaimed book, Grace and Grit to the silverscreen, and basically shows how Ken Wilber and his ex-wife met, how then they discovered Treya has cancer and the audience will be able to follow their beautiful and dramatic journey to Treya death at the end.

So it’s a very moving very touching story fully based in reality which totally honors the founder of integral theory Ken Wilber, and you can also have his very honest very, deep experiences on cinema, as well as Treya’s very deep and very honest experiences based on Treya’s journals.

The movie is in post production phase, and currently is in the process of distribution negotiations so the director is in contact with us and we plan to screen the movie premiere it among couple of locations probably at IEC2020. So it is truly beautiful that we can share the experience of watching the premier together with the integral world community.

Make sure you don’t miss our Early Bird ticket sale  starting last week of November!

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