Meet the keynote presenters of IEC 2020!

Meet the Keynote Presenters of IEC 2020! 

Our Team is proud to present the keynote speaker line-up for the 4th Integral European Conference, 26-31 May 2020, Hungary. Already over 200+ presenters signed up from 5 continents, and here you can learn more about who are the keynote speakers to take the stage primetime.


Ken Wilber (USA) – Types of Wholeness Required for a Global Transformation

Founder of Integral Theory is one of the most important philosophers in the world today, author of 30+ books translated worldwide into dozens of languages. Often referred to as “the Einstein of consciousness,” Ken is the originator of the first truly comprehensive or integrative philosophy, the Integral Theory. Incorporating cultural studies, anthropology, systems theory, developmental psychology, biology, and spirituality, it has been applied in many fields of expertise today.


Dr. Robert Kegan (USA) – Adult Development

and Immunity to Change

Robert Kegan is an American developmental psychologist and author. He was the William and Miriam Meehan Professor in Adult Learning and Professional Development at Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he taught for forty years until his retirement in 2016. Additionally he was the Educational Chair for the Institute for Management and Leadership in Education and the Co-director for the Change Leadership Group. He is a licensed psychologist and practicing therapist, has lectured widely to professional and lay audiences, and consults in the area of professional development.


Angaangaq (Greenland) – Melting the Ice in the Heart of People

– Arctic Elder Speak

Angaangaq is shaman, healer, storyteller and carrier of the Qilaut (winddrum) from the Eskimo-Kalaallit culture in Greenland. Already in 1975 Angaangaq received the task from the elders to bring the message about the melting of the Big Ice in Greenland to the world. He was a speaker at conferences on climate change & indigenous affairs around the globe and represented the Arctic people at the UN General Assembly. His spiritual task given by his mother is “to melt the ice in the heart of man”.


Vivian Dittmar (Germany) – The Evolution of Feelings

Vivian Dittmar is a passionate explorer of consciousness and culture since a very young age. Born in Germany, Vivian grew up in Europe, Asia and North America. She founded the non-profit Be the Change Foundation and is a consultant at the Terra Institute.
As the author of „The Power of Feelings” and six other books, she has become a sought after expert and keynote speaker on the subject of emotional intelligence. Her latest book – Your Inner GPS – explores the subject of transrational thought.


Otto Scharmer (Germany) – Theory U and Presencing for an Integral World

Otto Scharmer is a senior lecturer at the MIT Management Sloan School and founder of the Presencing Institute. He chairs the MIT IDEAS program for cross-sector innovation, which helps leaders in business, government and civil society to innovate at the level of the whole system.
Scharmer introduced the concept of “presencing” — learning from the emerging future — in his bestselling books Theory U and Presence (the latter co-authored with Peter Senge, Joseph Jaworski and Betty Sue Flowers). He is co-author of Leading from the Emerging Future, which outlines eight acupuncture points for transforming capitalism. His new book, The Essentials of Theory U (2018), focuses on the core principles and applications of awareness-based systems change.


Bence Gánti (Hungary) – Organizing Integral for a Collective Transformation

(Opening Speech)

Bence Gánti M.A., integral psychologist, international teacher of integral psychology. Integral European Conferences (IEC) and Integral Academy founder and director. A dual citizen of USA and Hungary, gives keynote addresses, presentations, and workshops worldwide, including Integral Flow Groups. He thought in San Francisco Mexico, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Russia, Africa and other countries.


Dan Brown (USA) – Pointing out the Great Way (being organized)

Daniel Brown is the author of 15 books including Transformations of Consciousness (with Ken Wilber & Jack Engler), and a book on Mahamudra, Pointing Out the Great Way: The Mahamudra Tradition of Tibetan Meditation-Stages (Wisdom Publications). He is also the co-author of a book on the Bon A Khrid lineage of Bon Great Completion Meditation.


Hanzi Freinacht (Sweden) – Metamodernism: Friend or Foe to Integral?

Hanzi Freinacht resides in the French-speaking part of the Swiss Alps, living alone in a big house, a quiet and contemplative life, but one driven by a tempered fiery zeal for revolution.
Hanzi is born at the crossroads of fact and fiction, part scholar, part guru, part joker, part revolutionary activist, part calm reformist. He lives and breathes between and beyond the disciplines, a thousand voices crisscrossing in his mind, oscillating between tormented confusion and blissful clarity.


Margret Rasfeld (Germany) – A Paradigm Change in School Education

Margret Rasfeld pioneers a systematic change in how schools unfold students’ potential by radically putting them in charge of both their own education and of opening up schools to society. Having built a role model school herself, she now drives a larger shift towards innovation with a network of schools. She is effectively engaged in implementing Education for Sustainability in European schools. To have more impact she founded the initiative “schools in tranformation-Schule im Aufbruch


Brian Robertson (USA) – Holacracy®:

Encoding Teal into your Organization’s

Brian Robertson is the world’s foremost expert on Holacracy, a revolutionary framework for self-managing organizations. After years as CEO of an award-winning software company, he co-founded HolacracyOne to share this innovative method with other organizations. The Holacracy framework integrates the collective wisdom of individuals throughout an organization and offers a toolset for each person to enact meaningful change at any level of work. The result is increased transparency, greater accountability, constant innovation, and agility across the company, what’s more: Holacracy is used by over 1000 companies today.


Roger Walsh (USA) – What Is Wisdom and How Can It Be Cultivated?

Roger Walsh MD., Ph.D. DHL is professor of psychiatry, philosophy, & anthropology at the University of California. He researches contemplative practices, capacities such as love and wisdom, and our contemporary global challenges. His books include Essential Spirituality and The World of Shamanism, and his work has received over twenty national and international awards. He was formerly a circus acrobat, world record high diver, and unsuccessful standup comedian.


Terry Patten (USA) – Yin Leadership: Fear, Courage and Cooperation 

Terry Patten co-wrote the book Integral Life Practice and has taught ILP to over 1000 people. He recently authored A New Republic of the Heart. He founded and leads Bay Area Integral. He also created “Beyond Awakening”. Earlier he founded Tools For Exploration, an early consciousness technologies company. Currently, he’s involved in restorative redwood forestry and fossil-fuel alternatives, and leads a social experiment uniting Inner, Outer and Inter(personal) Work for social transformation.


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