Thematic Tracks at IEC 2020 – Circling Track

Thematic Tracks at IEC 2020 – Circling Track

Circling is a new, popular group conversation practice, where the focus is on the radical here and now, in which we apply meditative awareness on what is happening between us and in us. We talk about that and only that. Exercising a deeply honest, non-judgmental integral way of being together, this mindful social presence is much needed for the evolutionary shift we hear about. We need spaces where we can get decentralized and more connected, be spontaneous and emergent. If you enter this door, you’ll get more real and awake, and will be seen and loved more than usual.

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You’re at the IEC—It’s like coming home. You feel the Hungarian sun on your back as you walk through the big glass doors, smiling while remembering those great conversations on the couches in the lounge, those coffee break awakenings and late night psycho-spiritual depth-charges. How powerful to be surrounded by hundreds of Integral practitioners and enthusiasts!

You start to wonder why you’re really here. Yes, it’s great for your business. Yes it’s part of your inspiration to make a difference and deal with complex, global problems. Yes, you’re excited to learn from so many different people applying next level methodologies and maps to make real positive changes in the world. Yes, you’re curious to show you’re newly improved self to your global community. Maybe you’re even hoping to for some romantic connection. 

But in your heart, you know that you’re being called into something else… something humbling, deep, personal and impersonal at the same time. Something you might not even understand for years or decades to come. You’re really here for that. That which you can’t know you’re here for. The unnameable, playful, undiscovered revelation. The emergent. The synthesis. The higher vantage that shows what seemed opposite is actually two sides of the same coin. The meta. The coenactment. The oneness of epistemology, methodology, ontology; the unity of seer, seeing seen. The spark where an unexpectedly honest conversation leads to a totally new life direction.

This is where the Circling track shines—in shifting the nature of your relationships, first at the conference, and then perhaps—if we’re good at what we do and lucky—for the rest of your lives.

This track is about skillfully surrendering into the unknown. It’s about navigating uncertainty and bringing integral wisdom to bear on in-the-moment relating. It’s about bringing the timeless wisdom of presence practices into everyday conversations.

  • Some sessions will feature cross-paragmatic mashups bringing together Integral Celebrities like Brian Robertson to be Circled on stage and then give commentary from their lineage that leads to practices.
  • Some sessions will feature ways to stay awake and aware in our relationships—”Circling Awakened Mind” 
  • Some sessions will introduce archetypal practices for relational mysticism, others simple ways to embrace our lower and higher capacities for communication and leadership.

Circling is an integral, non-denominational spiritual methodology of “waking up“—meditating through relationship, presencing what’s authentically ocurring between us, witnessing our human selves make all the beautiful mistakes me wake, noticing what’s happening in our awareness, allowing ourselves to be inspired and surrendering to the truth the surpasses our individual ideas of everything.

Circling is a developmental “growing up” practice: making subject object through being with others, seeing our own habits and blindspots in the moment, holding polarities to reveal more complex hyperobjects, allowing creative tensions to resolve us rather than needing them to resolve, looking underneath assumptions about what reality is and how we engage.



Circling is a shadow practices of “cleaning up” through psychological examination: catching every perception as a projections (or introjection), working with transference and countertransference, catching our repressed lower developmental selves sneaking out to get unwitting needs met—power, sex, belonging, boundaries, anger and ecstasy, seeing internal contradictions and false opinions, updating on the spot and in the moment, finding deeper forgiveness and new ways to interact in old collusions, patterns, and life scripts.

Circling is most well-known for being an intersubjective practice that helps us “showing up” more fuller in the collective interior: making intersubjects into interobjects—How are we? What’s our vibe? What’s the implicit that we can make explicit? What collective intelligence is guiding us? How can we surrender more fully? What collective shadows are we ignoring? (As well as systems, process, and change oriented explorations).

There will be introductory sessions to kick it off, but all of the sessions welcome first time and experience practitioners to dive into the deep end. Uniquely, the Circling leaders will not be standing to the side, as if we are complete or done… we will be fully practicing and owning our next edges and deep challenges, holding the truth of dynamic leadership while trusting the human to human connection in the space between to guide us.


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