Introducing Shadow Track: Thematic Tracks at IEC2020

Thematic Tracks at IEC 2020 – Shadow Track

The evolved teal and turquoise stages of personality aimed for by integral cannot be reached without serious inner work, in which we uncover and process our individual and collective shadows to be more real, honest, and liberated. Thus shadow work plays an important role at IECs. In the shadow track, we offer workshops from skilled facilitators and also theoretical sessions to better understand the shadow.

Why do we dedicate an entire track to Shadow Work?

Simple: the one thing that this great movement called Integral needs the most is a healthy foundation. Think about it: right now we are laying out the groundwork of the next winding of the spiral! In the next few decades we will see it spreading like a wildfire and seeping into the cracks of every aspect of life.

So the most important moments of this evolutionary next step are right now! The seeds we plant today must be pure so that a healthy tree can grow from them.

If you want to plant healthy seeds or even if you just want to have a happy life, this thing called Shadow Work is for you! It‘s about shedding light into the dark corners of your being in order to uncover hidden monster or unknown treasures. You will find out how you are sabotaging yourself or holding back your gifts so that you can take action and have a real choice.

The Shadow track contains many awesome contributions that will guide you on this path and many chances to get real and confront your dark side. Additionally, we will create a commitment group for those people who want to use their time at the conference for a profound and transforming retreat. More about that later.

But don‘t be mistaken: Shadow Work is tough! There is literally nothing you want to avoid more than uncovering your darkest secrets. So be aware that if you choose to confront your Shadow, it will hurt. It will scare you, make you want to fight everyone in the room or crawl under a blanket and hide. But it will also make you laugh, cry in joy and above all: it will make you whole.

I hope to meet you in the Shadow track! 

Do you want to use the days you’ll spend at the IEC to their fullest? Do you want to focus on your Growing Up, Cleaning Up and Waking Up? 

Then join us in the Commitment Group: we will get people like you together and create a community where you will be truly challenged, seen and held.

Stay tuned for more info on Commitment Groups!

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