Introducing Keynote Speakers: Hanzi Freinacht

Introducing keynote speakers:

Hanzi Freinacht

Hanzi Freinacht, philosopher of metamodernism, leaves his refuge in the Alps to share his sincerely-ironically held open conspiracy against modernity.



Friend or Foe to Integral?

Metamodernism is a new kid on the integral block, partly building on Wilberian integralism, partly challenging it. It starts with critique but takes your hand and walks with you out on the wire.

Hanzi Freinacht is the author of “The Listening Society” and “Nordic Ideology“, now writing the commentary on world history, “The 6 Hidden Patterns of History“. The whole series is expected to be six books, covering the economy “Outcompeting Capitalism“, ethics “Fractal Ethics” and law (legal theory), “Against the Law” — all of which attempt to give a metamodern perspective on the topics.

“Metamodern” is another suggested term for “what comes after postmodern”, and it originated in art theory and the humanities. Hanzi represents the Nordic school of metamodernism, which draws closer to integral theory and stage theories of adult development. But Hanzi’s metamodernism does not stop at presenting a theory; it presents a plan-of-action for politically transforming society.

This talk is specifically designed for the integral community and it has three phases:

* Tough love — the opening part, critiquing integral and explaining a bit about the metamodern turn.
* Care and vulnerability — the middle part, relating to the pain of the community, shared by metamodernists and integralists alike.
* A call to fellowship — landing in a path for joint venture and mutual growth from integral and metamodern strands.

About Hanzi Freinacht

Hanzi Freinacht resides in the French-speaking part of the Swiss Alps, living alone in a big house, a quiet and contemplative life, but one driven by a tempered fiery zeal for revolution.

Hanzi is born at the crossroads of fact and fiction, part scholar, part guru, part joker, part revolutionary activist, part calm reformist. He lives and breathes between and beyond the disciplines, a thousand voices crisscrossing in his mind, oscillating between tormented confusion and blissful clarity.

Watch this TEDx talk recorded in Berlin where Dr. Daniel P. Görtz explains Metamodern Values.

More Nordic Wisdom

It is clear, that integrally based nordic wisdom winds are blowing these days. Tomas Björkman’s book, “The Nordic Secret” was prominently noticed by The New Your Times in an article by David Brooks:

“-When you look at the Nordic bildung model, you realize our problem is not only that we don’t train people with the right job skills. It’s that we don’t have the right lifelong development model to instill the mode of consciousness people need to thrive in a complex pluralistic society.”

It’s elevating to see that the understating of inner development and its importance for society is getting some main stream attention.

In his book, “The Nordic Secret” Tomas explores how the Nordic countries invented a new kind of education, developed everybody’s potential and changed their fate. The inspiration came from Germany, France, Switzerland, the US, and the UK, and it was all about ‘vertical’ development or inner, personal, ego-development. By its German name it is called Bildung.

Stay tuned for our next blogpost where we’re introducing Tomas, his work, and his presentation at this year’s Integral European Conference.

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