Send us reliable info on the coronavirus

Call for sharing: send us reliable info on the coronavirus until Saturday!

There is a highly impressible situation unfolding around the world now that we are all part of. The coronavirus period and its related global restrictions affect pretty much every aspect of our lives.

Besides the amber acts of following strange new rules to halt the pandemic, there is a great need for reliable information on the coronavirus situation. We need good orange data: science, charts, rational and critical thinking – dependable sources for us to base our own reasoning on.

Also, we might be interested in higher tier perspectives. What is happening to us collectively? Integral people – whether within the integral movement or outside of it – thinking from a complex, integrative manner, often provide intellectually stimulating, insightful, out-of-the-box alternatives of meaning-making.

Why not use a dose of healthy green and utilize the power of the integral community? Let’s share what we have on the subject!

We invite you to share now
best links
you have found so far, in regard to:

1. What are the best, most reliable sources of information?

2. What are the best meaning-makings of the situation so far?

Simply send your answers within the next 48 hours – by Saturday night – here:

We will send the results in 3 days.

To get the links collected by the community you need to be signed up for the IEC newsletter, as we are sending the results there.

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