International Consortium of Integral Scholars – The Consortium Report

The Consortium Report
International Consortium of Integral Scholars

May, 2020

IEC’s International Consortium of Integral Scholars has grown and now has 42 scholars from 16 countries. Some of our folks are theoreticians, others are outstanding researchers and some have both capabilities. We are still in the earliest stages of defining how The Consortium can best serve Integral and IEC.

It has been quite a journey since my discussions about how to strengthen the academic aspect of the Integral community in general and IEC in particular with Hanna Hündorf on the Magical Mystery Bus Tour and later that day, with Bence Ganti in The Garden of the Philosophers overlooking the City of Budapest. And I’ll never forget the video conference meeting with Ken Wilber, Susanne Cook-Greuter and Bence Ganti to ascertain whether or not Ken would support The Consortium.

We learned that Ken Wilber had strong feelings concerning the role of an academic arm and concerns about our association with other disciplines… all of which prompted the meeting. The fateful meeting began with warm pleasantries abruptly followed by Bence stating, OK Tom, you are on. I’ve come to expect this now from Bence…an expectation he holds of himself and others to step-up and deliver.

After an hour of discussion that included issues concerning the historical evolution of Integral, I popped the million-dollar question to Ken. Will you support us? We were all holding our breath from our respective corners of the globe. To our relief Ken said he would do whatever he could to support The Consortium! After one year of work, we finally had substantial wind in our sails.

Below are highlights from The Consortium.

  • The Journal Action Research edited by Consortium Member Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D. has requested peer reviewers from The Consortium. Peer review is a traditional standard of promoting academic excellence and Integral will look at this process from our perspective as we develop. Our preliminary thought is that Action Research is in the best position to provide some unification between the theoretical siloing and long-standing divisions throughout academia. Action Research does not seek to replace traditional empirical training, but rather to increase the relevancy of these valuable efforts to validate and elucidate practice.
  • The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies has also requested peer reviewers from The Consortium. The Associate Managing Editor Rene Dumetz, Ph.D., has also expressed interest in an invitation to The Consortium.
  • To date, the following Consortium Members have applied to become reviewers for these journals. Wanda Krause, Ph.D., Senezana Milenkovic, Ph.D. and Terri O’Fallon, Ph.D.
  • The Action Research Newsletter gave The Consortium significant recognition in this month’s publication. Half of the AR+ Newsletter was devoted to The Consortium.

The following Consortium Members will be presenting at IEC Online 2020:

Ken Wilber
Bence Ganti, M.A.              
Tom Habib, Ph.D.          
Geoff Fitch, M.A.        
Jan Artem Henriksson, M.A.    
Mark DeKay, R.A., M.Arch.            
Tom Murray, Ed.D.                            
Wanda Krause, Ph.D.
Peter Merry, Ph.D.              
Eric Reynolds, Ph.D.  
Natasha Mantler, Ph.D .            
Terri O’Fallon, Ph.D.                                
Eugene Pustoshkin                              
Bettina Wichers, M.Sc.              
Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., DHL

  • Terri O’Fallon & Tom Murray (et al) have published a validation study of Stages Assessment. The paper is titled, The validation of a new scoring method for assessing ego development based on three dimensions of language. Heliyon Vol 6, Issue 3, March, 2020. 
  • Preliminary outreach has been made to the Association of Transpersonal Psychology (ATP). At IEC2018, Consortium and ATP member Jorge Ferrer gave a memorable keynote address. What Integral shares in common with the ATP is a love of the state experience and the transcendent. ATP can offer IEC/Integral outstanding scholarship. IEC can offer ATP community building and a vehicle to deliver many of the insights that we share to a larger audience. Early on the division was undoubtedly necessary. Ken Wilber had to break away from ATP early on in order to produce the prodigious contributions he has published unencumbered by traditional academic processes. Although there remain important differences, this division may no longer be necessary.


I would like to thank the following people for their contributions to the early development of The Consortium:

Susanne Cook-Greuter, D.Ed.
Larry Kiehl, M.A.
Mark DeKay, R.A., M.Arch.
Eugene Pustoshkin
Jeremey Johnson, M.A.

Ken Wilber
Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., DHL
Steve McIntosh, JD   
Bence Ganti, M.A
Hanna Hündorf


written by:
Tom Habib, Ph. D.
Chairperson, International Consortium of Integral Scholars 

Tom Habib, Ph. D. was founder and managing partner in a private group Clinical Psychology practice for 26 years. He is also adjunct faculty at Center for Integrative Psychology in the California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego. Tom is serving as the Chairperson for the IEC’s International Consortium of Integral Scholars. He is currently developing We-space experiences at San Diego Integral and utilizing these findings to help intimate couples’ stage and state development.

Watch Tom’s presentation at the 2019 IEC Regathering in Vienna:

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