Meet the musicians of IEC Online

Meet the musicians of IEC Online!

Introducing them at 7:00 PM CET on 27th May

@ the Global Sharing Circle

Santiago Santai Jimenez (world music, jazz, spiritual)

Santiago is a multi instrumentalist, composer, and music producer, from Colombia. He has toured extensively through the Americas, Europe and Asia, in some of the most important jazz / world music festivals, and has participated in several Latin Grammy nominated albums. He will play both original, and well known tunes, with a spiritual ethnic atmosphere.

Balázs Gergely (spiritual violinist, SpiritViolin Improvisation)

“I perform my own intimate atmosphere compositions and improvisations in my individual violin playing style on electric violin using effect pedals which I called SpiritViolin Improvisation.

I want to serve my audience by playing music of a special quality and atmosphere for them, in a very high quality soundtrack, with a special quality technical background. As a violinist, I try to make room for these inspirations. I practice and develop this day by day so that I can give real service to those who listen to SpiritViolin Improvisations. I want to help their thoughts, their meditation, by responding sensitively to superior suggestions and stimuli.

I will play an improvisation. If you can lie comfortably down on the ground and look completely inward letting go of the events of the outside world, conscious control and paying attention to the things that come up on their own.” 

Gábor Ölvedi (Tibetan throat singing)

“My name is Gábor Ölvedi, I’ve been doing meditation for 30 years, I got the name Karma Pema Dorje 20 years ago from Lama Ole Nydahl, who gave me my first initiations.

Through my concerts my intention is to show the endless, open spaces and journeys what I experience during meditation. I like to keep the traditional instrumental and singing techniques and sacred lyrics in balance with innovative thoughts.

Meanwhile, I like to use the instruments and visions of the modern world in a way that gives space to artistic freedom and imagination and also respects traditions.”

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