Announcement: IEC 2021 Online, IEC 2022 live!

Announcement: IEC 2021 Online, IEC 2022 live!

Dear IEC Friends,


the global pandemic makes planning challenging. At the moment, it seems that internationally the current restrictions will be – at least partly – still there by May 2021, and since events like the Integral European Conference take time to be organized, we made the following decisions and arrangements. 

We are eagerly waiting to host our Integral friends from all around the globe in person again, so due to the current circumstances, we do our next live in-person conference, IEC 2022 in May, 2022.

IEC Live 2022 – The in-person global gathering
May, 2022

We also decided to organize the Integral European Conference again in 2021 in the online space so now we’re announcing the next major event of the global integral world:

IEC Online 2021 – A Global Gathering
19-23 May, 2021

IEC Online 2020 was a huge success: even more people attanded that the live gatherings so far, over 1000 people registered from 56 countries. Also regionally more Asians, Africans and Latin Americans joined than ever before.

We experienced a whole new level of global interconnectedness in the integral world, spending those inspiring 5 days together!

We as the IEC organizing team have already switched to organizing mode and working on these wonderful new events!

Stay tuned for more info coming soon about the details, the vision, the call for presenters, tickets and more!

Loving regards, 
The IEC Team

Some commentaries by attendants about IEC Online 2020: 

“I am feeling the same sort of IEC ‘flow’ state as I did in 2018, a strong connection to the ‘I’ beyond my personal ‘I’, and it is wonderful beyond words. And I can’t imagine my life without it.”

“(…) We couldn’t leave the Closing Event. It was just difficult to push the button “Leave” in Zoom. Somewhere 65 participants stayed thereafter everything was finished and last words were said. We talked, laughed, asked Santiago Jimenez to play us once again, and danced. It felt like hanging out together. And maybe it is one of the metrics of success of the conference, people became so connected that they refused to leave!”
“(…) Looking very much forward to watching back so many of the speakers – what a gift technology is! Thank you all so much for your time and SHOWING UP.”

“I am so grateful to all the experience I was involved in, during the conference. Many synchronicities! Silent and loud joy meeting with lighthearted people. (…)”

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