Dr. ElSherbini Khaled – Stages of the Mind: Enneagram Types on the Spiral

What are the stages that the self passes through on its journey to enlightenment?

We are pleased to present ElSherbini Khaled, PhD and his session on “Stages of the Mind: Enneagram Types on the Spiral at IEC 2021 Online. 

Dr. Khaled ElSherbini is the founder and chairman of “Enneagram Egypt”, the first and largest IEA accredited Enneagram school in North Africa and the Middle East. He is also the founder of “BeCon, the Consciousness Academy” a dedicated academy focusing on human development and spiritual transformation.

He is an IEA Accredited Enneagram Professional, and the founder of the IEA Accredited Training program “Awaken through Enneagram”, the only IEA fully accredited program in Africa and the Middle East. He is also a Spiral Dynamics Integral accredited professional by the SDi founder Don Beck, through ValueMatch.

Dr. ElSherbini has over 25 years of experience in the fields of human development, coaching, consciousness and awareness, executive management, corporate restructuring, sustainability, renewable energy, research and development, technology management, strategic management, and teaching in the USA, Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, China, and in Egypt.

In this session, Dr. ElSherbini presents the methodology and research behind the integration and synthesis of the Enneagram with the Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi) to create the “Stages of the Mind” model.

The Enneagram is a personality model that reveals the hidden patterns of human drives, motivational systems, survival strategies, and meaning making methods of life. While the SDi is a model of the evolutionary development of adult human value systems and worldviews. Together these two models provide a detailed and personalized 2D map of human emotional, cognitive, and psycho-spiritual levels of growth and transformation.

By integrating these two models, Dr. ElSherbini has created the most powerful map of adult human development. “Stages of the Mind”, along with “Stages of the Heart” and “Integral perspectives” form together the three modules of Dr. ElSherbini’s “Integral Enneagram” program.

Read a passage from the article Stages of the heart: Levels of Capacity for Presence by Khaled ElSherbini, which integrates a very important psychospiritual growth model that is of great relevance, the Hawkins map of consciousness, oeuvre of Dr. David R. Hawkins. Dr. David R. Hawkins presented this map in his 1995 book, Power vs. Force (2).

(Link to the full article: https://enneagramegypt.com/blog)

“In comparing the three models presented in this paper and in our previous paper (1) we have obtained a thorough description of the stages the self goes through on its journey to enlightenment. 

The three models provide an undeniable fact, that the perennial wisdom contained in the numerous records of psychospiritual and theological traditions all attempt to describe the same phenomena, that the self in this world is on a path of evolving consciousness, that this evolving consciousness passes through hierarchical stages, that these stages have been described very similarly by the various traditions, and that the highest level of this consciousness is liberation from ego fixation and oneness with the divine.

The description of the self at the different levels of consciousness opens the door to a much deeper and more accurate understanding of the enneagram types at the different levels. Each Enneagram type will look radically different from the outside and will experience a significantly different world from the inside. 

As the self moves from the lowest levels to the highest levels, the fixations, and passions of the ego lose grip, and the essence, the true Self, emerges with greater power and energy, emanating higher frequencies, manifesting its divine virtues and holy names, expressing its true nature, and channeling the light of the divine onto the world.”

The article is a contribution by ElSherbini Khaled to IEC 2021 Online.

Dr. ElSherbini is an Enneagram professional and a Spiral Dynamics Integral practitioner. He holds a PhD in Engineering, an MSc in Environmental Sciences, an MBA in Technology Management, and finishing an MSc in Psychology.
Author and teacher of the psycho-spiritual programs: “Awaken through Enneagram”, “Integral Enneagram”, and “Integral Enneagram Teacher & Trainer”, where he combines the Enneagram with the Integral model to create tools for cognitive and spiritual growth.


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