Call for Artists – IEC Online 2021


The Integral European Conference is looking for artists to exhibit at their upcoming online conference in May 19-23, 2021.

The theme for the exhibition and our Art Night is
The Beautiful


In our integral world, we often talk about The Good, The True and The Beautiful. How do integral people experience the Beautiful – apart from elegant theories and words?

This art night will immerse us in a unique aesthetic experience with a group of carefully selected integral artists. These artists will bring beauty, meaning, and depth to the leading edge of culture when our world in crisis needs it the most.


Since the dawn of humanity artists have acted as beacons, telling the ‘stories’ of each period. 
These artists are telling the story of our integral movement.

When the participants of the Integral European Conference connect their consciousness to the spirit of this art, true magic may just happen!

Artists who feel called by the theme and part of the integral movement are invited to submit 
their art!

The online exhibition provides a global visibility within the integral community during the conference and in the following month with a direct link from the conference’s official website to the Artwork Archive.

The official deadline of application is the 19th April, 2021. Notification of acceptance or rejection will occur by the 26th April, 2021.




Please send your submission by April 19th to

– The subject of your email must be: IEC Art Submission

– Send maximum 10 images of your work

– File names have to include the name of the artist and name of the artwork. (Firstname_Lastname_Artwork_name.jpg)

– File format: jpg, JPEG

– Files must be under 30 MB in size

– The submission fee is 20 €. Attach proof that you have paid it (more details below*)

*Follow this link to pay your submission fee:

This purchase covers your submission fee to the IEC 2021 Online Art Exhibition ‘The Beautiful’ and gives you an access ticket to attend the Art Night Thursday, May 20th, 2021.
You are encouraged to also purchase a ticket for the full conference.
Note: Your entry fee of 20 € covers the costs of the art gallery platform and its web management. The art team works on a volunteer basis.

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