See numbers and feedbacks from IEC Online 2021!

Dear IEC Friends,

this year’s Integral European Conference took place in the online space and has been successfully completed with the participation of 730 people from 60 countries (see above), becoming one of the greatest global gatherings of the integral world.

IEC Online 2021 was an astonishing five-day journey with so much joy, deepness and potential in discovering new ideas.

Read some of the feedbacks that we got from participants and presenters:

So grateful for replays !!!! So that we can have it all- will be slowly digesting for two more months – what a smorgasbord! Such a great feature to watch at will – thanks to everyone for this work !!!!

I resonate so much with what you said- I joined last minute because of the Art night – but so happy to have canceled fully other “stuff” to join the entire conference! What a extraordinary event and what an inspiring & nourishing community! And great thanks to all who makes the replays possible – I will fortunately be able to catch up with your session Nomali Perera!

Thank you, Bence Ganti and team for having created a truly great event. At first, I wasn’t going to be able to attend other than making sure I showed up to present my own workshop…but then luckily I attended the opening and I found out very quickly that this conference generated a lot of beauty. So I’m glad I canceled my other “stuff” and attended many great sessions throughout. I simply miss the integral community, we who are so thinly spread across the globe. Thank you, IEC, also for having invited me to present, which was a great privilege. Fingers crossed that I get to meet in-person many of the amazing people I met online during these 5 days. Deep Bows!

Oh, wow! Just spent the last 5 days in community at the Integral European Conference (IEC) with some of the most heart-centered, brilliant, and service-oriented people I have ever met. This community and the people in it are doing such cool work to foster nurturing, liberated cultures all across the globe, from Indian to Mexico and lots of places in between and beyond.

Love our commitment to supporting spiritual growth, psychological growth, social growth, etc. And the willingness to look at and improve ourselves. Grateful for the level of engagement Susanne Cook-Greuter and I experienced during our workshop on deWEIRDing* integral, where we invited the community to attend more to our biases (in our frameworks and ways of engaging with each other) to become an even more inclusive integral community that privileges and celebrates differences.

Looking forward to IEC 2022 in Hungary (in person). And if you’re in the Caribbean, and familiar with integral theory/Ken Wilber, let me know in the comments. I’m dreaming of an Integral Caribbean gathering and imagine that some of you might also be dreaming of this. Let’s explore some possibilities.

(*WEIRD = Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic)

…I was hanging out with people late into the night because this is SUCH a cool, interesting, mature, awake, compassionate, informed, active, passionate, deeply service oriented group of people. Really not just a wonderful experience to hang out with them but to witness the breadth of expertise, action, thinking…

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