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IEC 2021 Online just ended a month ago and now we’d like to share with you the TOP 4 PRESENTATIONS of the conference and with all members of the integral community including those who couldn’t be there at IEC 2021 Online for any reason.

Therefore we decided to publish the 4 best video recordings from this year’s conference – voted by the community – to watch for free, without time limitations.

Please fill this form before 3rd July (Friday) and help us select 3 presentations and 1 keynote you’d like us to publish online for free. 

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Use the Presenter Gallery for detailed info on the presenters and their contribution: 

After the results, we’ll publish one video each week on the IEC website, in the IEC newsletter and in our Facebook groups.

During the summer, the IEC Team switches to vacation mode meaning more rest and fewer newsletters, but stay tuned!

In September, we’re coming with more info on IEC Live 2021!

Did you miss IEC Online 2021? We missed you too!
You can still get access and watch all session recordings until 30th July 2021.
Choose one of the ticket options via this link below and we’ll immediately send you your login details:

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We hope that in May 2022, we will meet again in person at Lake Balaton in Hungary providing an even better, even more lively experience where we can all meet in person and enjoy our presence fully!

Held every two years on the European continent, IECs are not only a huge social catalyst where international integral collaborations begin, enabling our human capital to grow, they also have a mission based on integral principles.

IEC Live 2022
24-29 May, 2022


Now the pre-registration for IEC Live 2022 is open!

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See you next year at the live gathering in Hungary: IEC Live 2022!

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