Is IEC local or global?

What does IEC mean?

IEC stands for Integral European Conference, as these gatherings started in Europe in 2014, eight years ago. At that time, there were also major integral conferences held in the USA, and inspired by that, leading integralists on the European continent joined forces and organized the first IEC in 2014 to create a continental gathering particularly focused on integral theorists and practitioners from any one of the fifty-one European countries, with guests from other continents as well.

Is IEC local or global?

Over the years, IEC has grown from being a European “local” conference to become the main global venue of the integral world, where integral experts and others interested in this approach can meet and exchange their latest findings. Due to its free, experiential, and fun nature, this conference is at the same time like a deeply meaningful holiday, and an opportunity for transformational personal growth.

What are the qualities of IEC gatherings?

At integral conferences, participants experience a high concentration of presence and awareness, as well as a very stimulating and high quality intellectual environment. “It is just impossible to have a boring conversation here,” is how Dr. Roger Walsh, renowned transpersonal and integral psychologist, put it. At these conferences, people have a positive openness towards each other, and besides enjoying an intellectual feast, they are also ready to open up, play, and engage in deeper experiential processes together. It is a purposeful, colorful, and fun community to be with.

To see what is it like to be a part of IEC gatherings, watch a short movie of IEC 2018!


For this year we have designed a hybrid format that combines online and live events.

Having examined the international covid situation in February 2022, we found that overall global travel is not yet stable enough to build a full, live conference as usual, so this year we decided to do it online again.

But since many people expressed their sorrow that they can’t come and meet the community, we decided that although this conference will be principally online, we will open an 

IEC Live Budapest Forum 

to enable those who can indeed come to actually meet in person!

Tickets for IEC 2022 HYBRID are on sale, visit the ticket shop for more info!

Read more about the hybrid format and the theme of IEC 2022!

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