Ukrainian Integralists Speak About the War! – IEC Keynote, Yasko & Buciunas

We are glad to present to you keynote speakers Kateryna Yasko, organizational psychologist, co-founder of U-Integral and Vytautas Buciunas, Integral Master Coach​™ and organisational consultant, co-founder of U-Integral.

Kateryna and Vytautas left Kyiv when the war started and after a very slow, 5-day car drive managed to leave Ukraine and safely get to Lithuania. From there they support Ukrainians and speak also to the integral world.

Kateryna and Vytautas
will personally come to
Budapest to give a live keynote

on IEC 2022.

Read about the topic of their keynote speech at IEC 2022!

Kateryna Yasko

Ukraine: A Heart Blown Open

 Ukraine is called a fulcrum of the democratic world.

But putting politics aside, how has the situation in Ukraine affected Europe and the whole world? And what can each of us learn from the Ukrainian crisis?

We will look at Russia’s attempt to invade Ukraine through the integral lens, playing with a metaphor for a new way of being that Ukrainians are role-modeling for the world.

We will use Otto Sharmer’s, Robert Kegan’s, Claire Graves and Don Beck’s models to illustrate the core reasons and effects of the Ukrainian crisis on the collective consciousness of the Western countries. We will also discuss how trauma can turn into growth, and bring hope for the whole world.


Kateryna Yasko (Ukraine) is an organizational psychologist, a trainer for the development of emotional intelligence, trust, cooperation, effective communication, and peaceful conflict resolution. Her academic background is in the area of international relations and law (MSc), business (MBA), and psychology (MSc). Kateryna is also head of the public association “International Institute for Integral Development”, founder of an educational innitiative EMPATIA.PRO and a co-founder of UINTEGRAL.


Vytautas Buciunas

The Zelensky Challenge

How the President of Ukraine is challenging the world leaders to show up with more courage and authenticity.

Undoubtedly, this war has shaken our world to the degree that it has got the tectonic plates moving in almost all areas of life. While not being able to fully make sense of what has just started, we can try to look into it through the lenses of the AQAL map and Leadership Circle, one of the most integral frameworks for leadership development. What new qualities of leadership have we seen embodied by the people of Ukraine and its president Volodymyr Zelenskyy during their life-or-death fight for freedom? And how do these qualities differ from what we are used to in the European political domain during the last 20+ years? Will we be able to pick up this energy and build on it to form a sustainable demand for the 2nd-Tier political Leadership, which is Courageous, Decisive, Authentic, Selfless, and Visionary? Or will the more vibrant, charismatic, and strong-willed leadership remain under the dominion of authoritarian dictators? There’s much to rethink and re-examine in today’s political and societal leadership.


As an Integral Master Coach​™ and organisational consultant, Vytautas helps individual leaders, teams, and companies to evolve towards greater wholeness and effectiveness based on the Integral approach. He considers the growth of a critical mass of mature leaders with systemic thinking and transformational capabilities to be the key to society’s healthy development.

Vytautas raises six wonderful children who consistently remind him of his blind spots, shadows, and holes in integration.

Listen to their interview on Deep Transformation by John Dupuy where Kateryna and Vytautas share their vision, what it feels like to be under attack by a power that lies about them and what is going on in their country, and their hope and concern for the future.

You can also find this interview on the original webpage of Deep Transformation here, and on Integral Life here.

Ukrainian Integral Perspectives on the Ongoing Invasion of Ukraine


Kateryna Yasko and Vytautas Bučiūnas crossed the border into Lithuania three days before this conversation took place, after a five-day exodus from Kyiv, following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. This conversation is a call for action and support of the incredibly brave Ukrainian people, and illuminates their willingness to fight to the death to throw out the invaders who are there to crush their freedom and make Ukraine a colony of Putin’s Russia.

This is an informative, inspirational, and heartbreaking dialogue with two exceptionally insightful Integral leaders from the Ukraine—about propaganda and myth-making in our post-truth world, about integrating power, force, and love, about a new worldwide unity, and how the Integral perspective might pave the way towards world peace.

“One nation has opened the hearts of the whole world. What kind of conversations should we have now to foster this care and compassion, and move it in a constructive direction?”


Deep Transformation Podcast, March 10, 2022

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