Integral Journalism: a Facilitator of World Peace – Stefan Schultz at IEC 2022

We are glad to present to you Stefan Schultz, reporter for Germany’s SPIEGEL magazine, winner of the Ernst Schneider Prize and the Georg Holtzbrinck Prize. 

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Integral Journalism – a Facilitator of World Peace

Journalism could be a great facilitator of societal change. It could foster a discourse culture that synthesizes various perspectives and integrates them into effective solutions for the world’s metacrisis. Unfortunately, most journalist and most media outlets are trapped in an orange win-win focus: Reports mainly serve the purpose of the author’s and company’s success, but can be detrimental to society in many ways. In this keynote, we will explore the stages of journalism from blue to teal. And we will discuss how an integral approach might help rebuild trust and media legitimacy. How his approach can help cut through the aperspectical madness generated by social media. And how integral journalism could, eventually, become an effective tool for world peace.

The presentation mainly deals with his concept of a journalism line of development. It encompasses examples from blue to teal and includes aspects of all four quadrants — with a gravitation center in the lower left quadrant. The presentation also integrates concepts such as polarity management and Polyvagal theory and the Overton window.

Born in 1980, two sons. Studied media culture, politics and British literature in Hamburg and Lisbon. Reporter for Germany’s SPIEGEL magazine. Former correspondent in San Francisco, New York and Beijing. Reports and analyzes from all over the world. Author of several books. Lecturer in multimedia storytelling. Winner of the Ernst Schneider Prize and the Georg Holtzbrinck Prize. Integralist since 2018.

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