The War: Ukrainian Insider’s Integral View at IEC by Valerii Pekar

We are glad to present Valerii Pekar, author of a bestselling book on the integral approach to management, co-organizer of the Ukrainian Integral Gathering.

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The War: an Integral View

It is hard to imagine that a full-scale war has come to Europe again and even threatens to escalate into the Third World War. How did this become possible? Who is guilty? How to stop war and bring peace closer? How can we make sure something like this never happens again?

Undoubtedly the Integral Approach can help to find satisfactory answers to these questions while Western and Eastern politicians can’t.

In addition to the above issues, we will consider the deep socio-cultural causes and consequences of the current war, as well as interesting changes in all quadrants of Ukrainian and Russian societies.

We will also consider a new look at the problem of multiculturalism revealed by this war and the unexpected role of humour. In the end, we will try to see the relationship of the current war with global environmental challenges and discern the contours of a new international security system that will make future wars impossible.

Valerii Pekar is an entrepreneur since 1992, lecturer at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School, School of Public Management and Business School of the Ukrainian Catholic University. He is the author of a bestselling book on the integral approach to management and a 2nd place winner in the national book competition in personal development. Member of the National Reform Council (2014-2016), advisor to two ministers of economy. Co-organizer of the Ukrainian Integral Gathering and the School of New Thinking.

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