Integral Music World Premiere: One World Oratorio

We have a wonderful, life-affirming treat in store just before IEC 2022 – the world premiere of the first ever major sacred choral work inspired by the Integral vision, Blue Pearl: A One World Oratorio, on 14th May 2022, 7.30pm UK time. This beautiful music celebrates our shared humanity and shines with the light of love and compassion at this time when a dark shadow has fallen over Eastern Europe.

Ken Wilber was thrilled when he heard the demo recording of Blue Pearl. He describes it as

“A wonderful, exciting musical composition, a superb, exhilarating, magical piece of music that takes one through any number of different experiential realities, a manifestation of Steve’s own wider and deeper awareness. Sit back and enjoy a rich trip through these effervescent realities in your own case, highly recommended.”

The concert will be in London, but you can also watch online – live or on demand for 7 days up to 21.5.22 (a top quality broadcast). See below for a special IEC ticket offer and information about the crowdfunding campaign.  

The text of Blue Pearl is by Ken Wilber, Thich Nhat Hanh (the much-loved Zen teacher who sadly recently passed away) and Steve Banks. The music is by Steve Banks, who has been deeply inspired by Ken’s writing since the 1990’s. Many of you will know him from his presentations at IEC’s since 2018.  He has just started hosting a new series on Integral Life, ‘Creative Furnace: Conversations With Integral Artists’ (the series starts with Gaia Orion, followed by Santiago Jimenez, Stuart Davis, Brooke McNanamara and Corey deVos.)

A one world oratorio – profound, inspirational, INTEGRAL music for our time

‘Blue Pearl’ is the image of earth seen from space: an undivided whole, a unity-in-diversity. This ground-breaking, profound and deeply moving Integral oratorio takes you on an extraordinary journey through the whole of evolution, including the evolution of human consciousness.

Blue Pearl expresses a human spirituality – Integral spirituality, Ken’s ground-breaking synthesis of the ancient spiritual wisdom of the East with the modern psychology and science of the West, open to any human being, from an existing spiritual tradition or none.

Steve Banks says:

Blue Pearl will light a fire in your belly, open your heart – with tears of sorrow and of joy, and lead you into the spiritual depths, evoking the worldcentric consciousness we so urgently need at this time. It will inspire you to unleash your unique greatness in service to this precious, living, conscious planet. It reminds us – as the wonderful IEC’s remind us – that anything is possible, when we come together. I really hope you can join us for this concert of (r)evolutionary Integral music.

Watch the world premiere in London or online – special IEC ticket offer

The concert will be at St Giles’ Cripplegate, London, 7.30pm UK time, but you can also watch online wherever you are – either the live stream, or on demand for 7 days after the concert. To book your tickets, go to, where you can also hear a demo recording. Steve is offering a special early bird discount for the premiere for the IEC community, 15% off all tickets with coupon IECBluePearl (making an online ticket just £7.65/€9.18/$10.40). Blue Pearl will be performed by the London Mozart Players – one of the finest orchestras in the UK, with a superb choir and soloists, conducted by Rob Lewis. 

Steve’s IEC 2022 presentation

A reflective journey that is consoling, challenging, witty, tuneful and inspiring. Blue Pearl beautifully enacts the profound, contemporary and perennial philosophy that underlies it, opening up an experience of enlightening, transformative potential. An innovative artistic contribution to the emerging spirituality of our times.” 

– Chris Cullen, Buddhist meditation teacher and Mindfulness trainer

Steve will be facilitating a session at IEC 2022, which will be an Integral ‘debrief’ of the Blue Pearl experience: an opportunity to reflect with others through the Integral lens on your experience of this powerful Integral music.

Help more people to be inspired by Blue Pearl – crowdfunding and publicity

Blue Pearl could be an inspiring introduction to Integral for many people. It is a beautiful shining beacon for worldcentric consciousness, which we need so urgently, with the climate crisis, and also now with this terrible war in Ukraine.

If you would like to support Blue Pearl to be performed more around the world in the future, so that more people can hear it and be inspired by it, then please share Steve’s posts on social media (search for Steve Banks composer) and please join the crowdfunding campaign – click here.

If your organisation would like to sponsor the world premiere, please contact Steve (; +44 7957 855458).

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