Middle Eastern Voices at IEC 2022

We are excited to present to you the Middle Eastern voices at IEC 2022. Meet Marwa EL Abd and Khaled ElSherbini from Egypt!

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Marwa EL Abd
Integral Transcendence

Human Being journey is a mystery. Journey full of dynamics, full of challenges, full of interpersonal discovery & intrapersonal discovery. A never-ending quest to search for Wholeness & feeling complete. The Integral Model provides a map to walk through & consider in this quest of feeling whole, connected & complete. Integral Transcendence Model, is a model l I propose, in an attempt to Surf in the 4 Quadrants to transcend gradually from the darkness of being separate, from ourselves, others, the source of creation, to the light of connectedness to all & everything. While going through the darkness we will unlock the chains of fear & anxiety, the chains refraining us from being our True Self, from shining up the world with our lights for a more caring, compassionate & peaceful world. Leaving behind us wars, haters, sorrows & wounded generations. Digging dipper for Self-Understanding, Collective Understanding to Show Up in the World as enacted holons making the world a better place. During this session, we will uncover unconscious barriers to the True Self, giving it a voice to show up & to live in state of flow & harmony & co-creation. Understanding new generation needs play an essential role. Healthy relation full of Acceptance, Attention, Affection & Affirmation, contribute “uncontaminated” generation living with empathy & compassion. Systems are one of the most catalyst pillars in this model to sustain Integral Transcendence. A quest to live with authenticity & impact.

Marwa studied Economics & Political Sciences in Egypt. Followed by International Masters Degree in Business from France. In parallel, she was working in Corporate. She worked more than 14 years in BMW Egypt, then 2 Leading companies in the Dairy industry in the Human Resources Department. Since 2019, she started another inner journey in the quest of unfolding her TrueSelf. She studied Enneagram, Integral Enneagram, Assisting in the Teaching to international students. Now interested in Teaching Integral.

Khaled ElSherbini
Stages of the Heart: The Enneagram Types Waking Up

Spiritual and mystic schools all point towards a path of realization of the complete human self, a process of expanding identification from fixated identification with the separate self to pure cessation in the Higher Self. Understanding and treading this path is the ultimate mission of humanity according to these schools. By closely examining these paths, collective stages indicating a universal process of psycho-spiritual waking-up are identified.

The “Stages of the Heart” model is a framework developed by Dr. ElSherbini that builds upon this collective insight and integrates the rich human spiritual wisdom from numerous models covering the traditions of the East and the West and spanning thousands of years of human heritage. The framework lays down a general foundation of state-stages applicable to all individuals, then personalizes the awakening journey to each of the 9 Enneagram types. This gives deeper insight into the real meaning of the Enneagram and its spiritual terminology, transforming it from a judgmental model of individuation and separation into a universal model of compassion, tolerance, and unification.

In this session, Dr. ElSherbini shows the unity of all waking up paths as seen through the eyes and heart of one integrated map. He presents the “Stages of the Heart” framework, showing how it was developed and the stages the heart goes through along its psycho-spiritual journey of waking-up. He then applies it in detail to one of the 9 enneagram types.

Dr. ElSherbini is an Enneagram professional and a Spiral Dynamics Integral practitioner. He holds a PhD in Engineering, an MSc in Environmental Sciences, an MBA in Technology Management, and finishing an MSc in Psychology. He is the author and teacher of the psycho-spiritual programs: “Awaken through Enneagram”, “Integral Enneagram”, and “Integral Enneagram Teacher & Trainer”, where he combines the Enneagram with the Integral model to create tools for psychological and spiritual growth.


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