Conflict as a Gateway to a New Consciousness – Live Keynote by Vivian Dittmar at IEC 2022

We are happy to present to you Vivian Dittmar, founder of the non-profit Be the Change Foundation and author of The Power of Feelings and six other books. She will present her keynote speech on the 27th of May at 16:00 pm CET, in-person at the Budapest Forum. 

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Conflict as a Gateway to a New Consciousness

As a species, we are individually and collectively traumatised by a history that has basically equated conflict with violence. This is a central cause for the perpetuation of war and violence, as it prevents us from embracing conflict as a natural source of creativity and evolution. By acknowledging the emotional charge and mental barriers we all have regarding conflict, we can move beyond these and into an entirely new experience of conflict. By a shift in perspective and consciousness, the conflict itself reveals itself as a gateway to the new paradigm we all long for: Inner and Outer Peace.

Vivian has been a passionate explorer of consciousness and culture since a very young age. Born in Germany, Vivian grew up in Europe, Asia and North America. She founded the non-profit Be the Change Foundation and is a driving force for cultural change. As the author of The Power of Feelings and six other books, she has become a sought after expert and keynote speaker on the subject of emotional and social intelligence.

Vivian Dittmar
Reshaping Spiral Dynamics

Overcoming the Myth of Our Cultural Superiority


In recent years, the consciousness development model of Spiral Dynamics, originally conceived decades ago by Robert Graves and Don Beck, has gained considerable popularity. Like all effective models, it allows us to see and name phenomena we could not understand or adequately talk about before. Yet while I really appreciate how Spiral Dynamics enables us to better understand ourselves and each other, there was always a sense of unease I couldn’t quite put a finger on. Something didn’t quite fit. When I figured out what it was, I was shocked.

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