Get PhD in Integral – Sean Esbjörn Hargens’ Integral Noetic Sciences Keynote at IEC 2022

We are happy to present to you keynote speaker Sean Esbjörn Hargens, PhD, global leader in the application of integral thinking.

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Integral Noetic Sciences: The Mind, Reality & UFOs

For the first time the world now has an MA/PhD program in Integral Theory! Created by integral education pioneer Sean Esbjörn-Hargens this global online program breaks new ground in its double focus on the consciousness of integral science (e.g., developing new integrative mixed methods of research) and the science of integral consciousness (e.g., mapping the neurological correlates of the highest stages of adult development). Drawing on multiple integrative metatheories this program specializes in integral systems design (e.g., organizational and new economy initiatives) and anomalous studies (e.g., researching the transformational nature and philosophical implications of anomalous experiences: paranormal, transpersonal, UFO/ET encounters, and psychedelic). With a scientific lab equipped to measure subtle energies in the human body and map consciousness (e.g., using EEG machines) there is nothing in the world like this new program. This program explores the intellectual & experiential intersection of science, consciousness, embodiment, human development, integral design, subtle energy, esoteric and contemplative traditions, and the weirdness of reality. As a result, it is dedicated to cultivating global consciousness through grappling with the big questions about the mind and the nature of reality. In the Q&A session you can engage him with your questions about this program and the application of integral theory to mysterious and controversial topic of UFOs and ET contact.

Sean Esbjörn-Hargens PhD is a global leader in the application of integral thinking. He has made notable contributions to the fields of ecology, coaching, research, business, philosophy, and education. In 2011 he launched MetaIntegral. In 2018 he founded the Exo Studies Institute, which takes an integral approach to anomalous phenomena. He also serves as Chair for the new MA/PhD program in Integral Noetic Sciences. His most recent book is Big Picture Perspectives for Planetary Flourishing.

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