The Art of Cross-cultural Listening and Appreciation – Akasha Saunders & Susanne Cook Greuter at IEC 2022

We are glad to present to you Akasha Saunders, coach, facilitator, educator, and a Gardener of Belonging and Susanne Cook Greuter, internationally acknowledged authority on adult ego-development and self-realization. They will give their presentation with a workshop at IEC 2022 on the 26th of May, Thursday, 06:00 PM (Budapest CEST).

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The Art of Cross-cultural Listening & Appreciation

To be truly global requires that we become more aware of our own Western-influenced integral mindset. It is based on the conception of the evolving separate self and linear progress of civilizations. We will address the I, we and society in view of Indigenous understandings of reality and living in harmony with nature. Indigenous people have survived over millennia as stewards of Mother Earth and as ancestors to future generations. What can we learn from these more balanced ways of being despite colonial attempts to destroy them?

In a guided meditation, Susann will evoke some of the ways other sentient beings communicate. Akasha will offer intercultural views of dialogue and JEDI practices of listening across boundaries. Overall, we invite you to become more aware of your assumptions of what is real and what matters. Learning about non-Western conceptions of self, who is “other,” and notions of reciprocity and responsibility can aid in creating a more equitable, sustainable and peaceful world.

Nothing brings more joy to Akasha than cultivating spaces for liberatory-growth. He serves as a coach, facilitator, educator, and a Gardener of Belonging. He designs and facilitates interventions that support vertical development and intercultural awareness and responsiveness.
Akasha is a pilgrim. He spends most of his time between Grenada and Bermuda with his partner, their son, and a very protective cockapoo dog.

Susanne Cook Greuter is an internationally acknowledged authority on adult ego-development and self-realization. She learned Language Studies (Anglistics and Romanistics) and Pedagogy at Zürich University and Human Development and Psychology at Harvard and Cambridge Universities.
Since 1980 she has been researching and developing the WUSCT- Washington University Sentence Completion Test. This is now called ‘MAP’ and serves as a management maturity assessment tool. Susanne leads vocational training within the ‘Leadership Development Framework’ and training sessions for MAP evaluators all over the world. 

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