Exploring the Collective Mind at IEC 2022

We are glad to present to you Anastasia Gosteva, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Finlay Hinde, Masen Ewald, Siobhan McClory, Katalin Gátfalvi, Olga Kiss, Kirsi Mäkinen, Marilyn Hamilton and Wanda Krause. 

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Anastasia Gosteva
Group-as-a-whole Facilitating collective awakening

Group-as-a-whole is a psychodynamic concept that offers a powerful way to see and study the group as a separate entity, possessing its own character and tasks and, what is of vital importance, its own shadow. In growing up or in waking up we often tend to overestimate the personal: efforts, goals, inspirations, motives, insights, resources, or traumas. And often we speak about relatedness and interconnectedness but it’s hard for us to break the limits of duality and directly experience and embody this interconnectedness.
Working and experimenting with the Group Relations approach in meditation and business settings for the last 3 years I’ve discovered that it allows individuals and groups to face very quickly their shadows and patterns of spiritual bypassing and, what is more important, to really get insight into beyond-the-surface dynamics that define their decisions, feelings, and behavior. And to change it.
It’s like a zen koan. We build our work on Wilfred Bion’s premise that “a separate individual doesn’t exist”, but through experiencing this ultimate relatedness we open our minds and hearts wide open to grow up and wake up as more mature selves.
During this presentation, I would like to share how I’m using this approach in business and meditation settings and how it supports the development of our individual hearts and also the collective heart and collective awakening.

Meditation teacher, business trainer and a vertical development coach. Represent VeDA in Russia. For many years I’ve been designing and leading long-term transformational leadership development programs for C-Suites in Russia and Ukraine. I blend meditation, Action Inquiry, Theory U, Group relations and other approaches to create environments supporting growing up and waking up for individuals, teams and organizations. I also teach meditation and lead a 9-months program for meditation instructors.


Anne-Marie Voorhoeve
Walking the Spiral of Peace

Using Spiral Dynamics integral as the framework and Constellation Work as the process, we will explore and experience Peace in 8 levels of the Spiral. Working with the impact of polarization, each participant will have the opportunity to represent Peace as they walk the Spiral and to represent conflict (Ukraine-Russia) as they experience Peace. In breakout rooms, using an Integral lens, participants will share how they might use this experience in their personal responses and actions on behalf of Peace. No previous experience in Spiral Dynamics or Constellation Work necessary.

Drs. Anne-Marie Voorhoeve is Evolutionary Leader, Social Architect, SDi practitioner, Meshworker, co-founder The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence, focussing on the emergence of heart-centered planetary governance. Core member of networks eg WholeWorld-View, Co-Creating Europe, Integral City, One Humanity Institute, Club of Budapest. Co-producer of the annual World Unity Week (June), and Peace Week (Sept). Laureate ‘Outstanding Peace Activist 2017’, World Peace Forum.


Finlay Hinde & Masen Ewald & Siobhan McClory
Practicing World Peace in “Social Experiments”

Our session will explore the possibility for world peace to be actively “practiced” in community so we can become the embodied, global citizens capable of navigating our crises. Specifically, we will explore how such practice occurs in Integrally-informed “social experiments” or co-creative “practice communities,” as advocated by Terry Patten.

After presenting his new book, A New Republic of the Heart, at IEC in 2018, Terry Patten initiated a “social experiment” of hundreds of members across over 20 countries to practice the “inner work” of personal development, the “interpersonal work” of authentic relating, and the “outer work” of real-world social action.

Sadly — yet beautifully and in deep presence — Terry died in October of 2021. Our practice community carries forward his legacy and continues its activist momentum.

In our session, we will shine a light on the new field of social experiments and practice communities emerging around the world, share our community learnings, and facilitate breakouts with we-space practices related to global activism and grounded in heart-centred Integral theory.

57, Husband, Father, Yoga Centre Director, Yoga Teacher, Certified Integral Therapist, Facilitator, Fashion Designer, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Artist, Builder, Kirtan Chanter, Raja Yogi, Sound Healer, Didgeridoo,.. Polymath or Dilettante?
As a member of the core leadership team of A New Republic of the Heart, I co-design and Zoom-drive main community sessions and hold circles in leadership practice, presentation, we-space experiment and open conversation.


Masen Ewald is a social entrepreneur, compassion facilitator, and Executive Director of A New Republic of the Heart and Bay Area Integral, which educates spiritual practitioners and change agents in “holistic activism” — integrating personal development, interpersonal relating, and social action. He is a certified Compassion Facilitator via Stanford University, Co-Creator of the State of Emergence podcast, and a volunteer with Poor People’s Campaign and Climate Reality Leadership Corps.

Siobhan McClory is Director of Program Development, Co-Facilitator, and Community Manager of A New Republic of the Heart. She is a certified Integral Master coach™ trained by ICC (Integral Coaching Canada) and is a long-term spiritual practitioner. For the past decade, Siobhan has been immersed in human development, transformational learning, and facilitation, which enables her to bring creativity, collaboration, and commitment to being of benefit in these challenging times.


Katalin Gátfalvi and Olga Kiss
Peace from Inside Out

As long as I fight, I do not know. As long as there is no peace within the soul, there is no real, conscious attention, so the way out of your present situation is also obscured.
This workshop seeks to embrace the full spectrum of personality within music, movement, dance, bodywork, meditation and conversation with ourselves and with each other. We can give attention to our inner voice in the material, spiritual, and emotional aspects of our being as well. We can grow in a lived inner peace on a natural, harmonious way.

Katalin Gátfalvi is a mental health professional, coach, focus trainer, breathing trainer, relaxation trainer, and symbol therapist. She has met with free dance at MA-URI® INSTITUTE for the first time. Then she deepened her knowledge on variegation of movement and music experiencing in 5Rithm dance meditation sessions. She experinenced the connection of music and breathing in the Institute for Transpersonal Breathing. She is a personal and group consultant since 2008.

Olga Kiss, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor at Corvinus University, a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council Hungary. She is a philosopher, executive, and existential coach.
She was an amateur dancer (ballroom dancing, jazz dance) and studied yoga for years. Now she is interested in alternative ways of healing and finding the connection between Western scientific knowledge, philosophy, and Eastern wisdom not only in words but in her personal experience as well.



Kirsi Mäkinen
Self-System Wholeness, Becoming a New Being

In the presentation we explore ourselves as self-organizing systems and how we occasionally are failing to reach sustainable life on earth. We inquire what does it really take from each of us to be and act as fully responsible members of humanity? Small group discussions and sharing experiences included.
With this workshop you can become curious about problematizing our whole beingness as individuals, collectives, and members of earth. We can become aware how our individual system is challenged developmentally over our own being-becomingness process from moment to moment to understand how the new comes into being and how we easily end up in old traps again and again during the process?
What is in our awareness and what is not?
How do you know that you know and is that enough?
How is your being supporting doing and knowing?
How to move away from what we know that we already know?

Kirsi Mäkinen is a published author and an emergent world problem solver from Helsinki Finland. For the past 12 years she has been working on her passion integrating awareness, science, spirituality, and philosophy. She teaches and coaches inner development programs globally with her own approach, Self-System Wholeness, to heal and integrate self, system, shadow, and spirit.


Marilyn Hamilton
Integral City: Evolving Gaia’s Organs of Peace

Integral City integrates and synthesizes the evolutionary dynamics of the city as the most complex human system yet created. Guided by Gaia’s Evolutionary Impulse, we can build City Capacity for Peace when we honour Context and live the Master Code of Care, simultaneously Caring for Self, Others, Place and Planet.
Integral City proposes cities are Gaia’s Reflective Organs, with humans the cells in those organs and our organizations their sub-systems/organelles. (Lovelock)
Learning from Gaia, Integral Cities as Organs of Reflection create an ecology for the emergence of Peace by evolving 10 City Capacities through:
1. 5 sets of intelligences
2. Biomimicry lessons from the human hive
3. Co-existing 4 realities
4. 4 ways of knowing
5. 4+1 Voices to serve the Purpose of Peace
6. Maturing species development
7. City growth through steps and stages
8. Master Code of Care to expand our circles of compassion
9. Human Security as Ecology for Peace
10. Managing Peace and Conflict with the 4 Voices as 3rd Side
We have the tools and skills to design the City as Gaia’s Organ of Peace. We call forth the will to Placecare and Placemake the City of Peace as our legacy for future generations.

Marilyn Hamilton PhD Founder Integral City Meshworks; author Integral City Book Series, host Cities Rising for Regenerative World/Humanity Rising, curator Urban Hub 20 City Change in VUCA World serves city-ecoregions as Gaia’s Reflective Organs. Inspired by Master Code of Care for Self, Others, Place & Planet, she leads Ubiquity U Master Regenerative Action. CEO, COO, CFO and CIO in private & NFP sectors, she is Evolutionary Leader, Ambassador World Unity Week & Fellow Findhorn & Urban Arena EU.


Wanda Krause
Spiritual Activism for Peace

‘Spiritual Activism for Peace’ develops deeper understanding of how power from within can be developed and harnessed to create greater peace, individually, in community, and globally. Krause introduces the concept of spiritual activism and provides examples of spiritual activists who have demonstrated deep wisdom and aligned action. The insights she offers are based on over two decades researching and working directly with hundreds of activists, and consulting on leadership and change. She has developed a strong grasp of what forms of activism can lead to civil society expansion and peace. The examples she provides are from research with 10 spiritual activists focused on a variety of leadership challenges in spaces of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), from which she will present on three cases. From this interactive presentation and workshop, participants are able to create greater awareness of the tools they can work with to shift their consciousness, mental models, and develop greater adaptability and resiliency. Participants have the opportunity to develop a deeper appreciation for how internal shifts contribute to an enhanced capacity to engage others and influence macro-level change towards peace on individual, community, and macro levels.

Wanda Krause is Program Head of the MA in Global Leadership Program and Associate Professor of Leadership Studies at Royal Roads University, Canada. Wanda investigates how courageous individuals collaborate and take initiative to lead change to better conditions in alignment with empowerment, peace, and prosperity. Her PhD is in politics and she is an award winning author, as well co-author and editor of books related to the development of civil society, political change, and spiritual activism.


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