Business, Organizations and Integral at IEC 2022

We are very glad to present to you Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller, global pioneer in the field of self-organization and purpose-guided life and Stéphane Segatori, who trained and facilitated in Integral communities in Boulder, SF, Paris and finally Amsterdam.

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Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller
New Stories of Love, Power, and Purpose

Most challenges that humanity is facing today are creating fear and overwhelm, which distract us from doing what is needed most from all of us: to embody our purpose, individually and collectively, in service to the more-than-human world.

Fear and overwhelm arise from old stories buried in our shadow, holding us in their grip and made inaccessible through the many traumas we are holding. When looking deeper, we can see how all traumas are rooted in stories humanity has created around power. Stories that tell how power is the means to prove who is stronger and who is weaker, who is the winner and who is the loser, who is right and who is wrong. Stories about who owns the truth. Stories that are used to justify all manner of atrocities: colonialization, slavery, exploitation, genocide, wars, dictatorships, injustice, abuse. Stories and resulting actions that cause unspeakable pain and loss. And no matter how compelling our stories of love are, they have not brought an end these phenomena.

In this keynote and in the following experiential workshop Christiane will talk about what she explores in her book “New Stories of Love, Power, and Purpose”. She will invite you to experiment with stepping into the unknown and allowing for the emergence of what becomes possible when we develop new stories of love and power? And how can these new stories enable us to act from unified love and power in true service to self, other and all?

Christiane is a seasoned entrepreneur, international business consultant, coach, speaker, and a global pioneer in the field of self-organization and purpose-guided life.

Today her offerings are focused on creating individual and collective spaces to allow for and hold the unknown. With others around the globe, she is making room for what wants to emerge. For experimenting with the unknown. For failing forward. For letting go and letting come. For all of this at the same time.

Stéphane Segatori
We-Flow: Integral We-Space for Businesses

Incredible! We-Spaces have finally become something traditional businesses like and want more of!

Coming to We-Flow is stepping into an expanded space that enables us. Do more of what is most important for you in the world, right now! Join our SHOWING-UP Party!

In this 2-part experiential workshop you will discover and try the recent developments of this constantly evolving practice:

1) Integral Business Case-Study: “How we pioneered a new way to perform large-scale transformations”. The case of a company of 200 employees, with epic before/after results: from 15 to 95% in engagement & performance KPI for teams.

2) Taste our We-Space, Try our practices for yourself: We’ll go through 3 phases of Flow, Connect to self & others; emerge your desired outcome & choose a facilitated breakout from our MENU; move into purposeful action for your concrete projects. [Larger part of the session]

We-Flow is a full adaptation of We-Spaces for business. It has emerged from the collective desire to integrate the best of integral practices in any professional context. More than 1069 professionals and 20 companies already impacted.

Stéphane’s background is in Business Intelligence & MBTI Coaching. During a Zen retreat, he experienced the 8 Jungian Cognitive functions as building blocks of the self, from a state of causal witnessing. He’s since devoted his livelihood to developing actionable collective states. He’s a sportsman and teamplayer at the core. Playfulness is his way of existing, and a wild card to help professionals. He trained & facilitated in Integral communities in Boulder, SF, Paris and finally Amsterdam.

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