Asian Voices at IEC 2022

We are glad to present to you Phra Dhammajaro, who is an integrally informed monk based in Thailand, Ryo Nakadoi, leadership producer and organizational transformation facilitator and Juri Tsurumi, English/Japanese bilingual executive coach, consultant and facilitator.

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Phra Dhammajaro
The I-We-It of Chantings: Being & Radiating Peace

This 3-part session aims to bring a lived experience of inner peace and a greater sense of connection with others to all participants.

In Part 1, you will receive a direct blessing to be reminded of the invisible connection to your root via online live chanting by Phra Dhammajaro in Pali, a language that’s used to preserve the Buddha’s teachings in the Theravada tradition.

In Part 2, Phra Dhammajaro leads a group chanting in English, PEACE FOR THE WHOLE WORLD which he has written and is making its debut at IEC 2022.

For maximum benefit, we shall together repeat the above chanting 3 times, or the I-We-It of chantings, each lasting about 2 minutes. The first chant is to sow the seed of Peace in our individual hearts. The second chant is to extend that seed of Peace to the collective hearts of ours and our loved ones. The third chant is to plant that same seed of Peace in everyone and anyone that we come into contact with as we eat, work and play in our daily life.

In closing, Part 3 is a chanting in Pali by Phra Dhammajaro to anchor one’s heart and mind in universal love and to bless all beings.

So, in less than 10 minutes, participants shall not only feel deeply relaxed, they would also sense a stronger connection within their respective communities. As one’s practice is sustained, this sense of interconnectedness shall extend unconditionally towards all beings and contribute to peace in all corners of the world.

Phra Dhammajaro is an integrally informed monk based in Thailand. His central message to the world is threefold. First, Awakening is a human rights. Second, true freedom is attainable when we realize the whole universe is in us. Third, we all are Love and Light. Also called An Embracing Monk, Phra Dhammajaro aims to help others heal and realize the above message through his gazing meditation, openhearted listening, and original chantings. He resides at Wat Kao Khao Noi in Pranburi.

Ryo Nakadoi & Juri Tsurumi 
Integral Teaming “SOUND” method

In a VUCA world, the pressure for people and organizations to “change” is getting stronger and stronger.“Change”is often interpreted as a quick change and this ends up producing merely makeshift solutions which, in turn, accelerates collective failure.

An integral approach is ever more necessary in order for this not to happen. Yet successful change is often determined by the developmental stages of the individuals and organizations, as the range of responses created correlate with the developmental stages of such individuals and organizations.

Thus, we believe that “evolutionary collaboration” based on Integral theory is essential for overcoming the pressures of change imposed by VUCA whilst embracing the various developmental stages at play. A method to support “evolutionary collaboration” is the Integral Teaming “SOUND” method.

The Integral Teaming “SOUND” method consists of five elements.

  1. Paradigm shift regarding planning
  2. Paradigm shift regarding vision
  3. Dynamic vision processing approach
  4. Evolutionary collaboration based on the teaming cycle
  5. Tools & Techniques to support Vision Processing and Teaming Cycle

Integral Teaming “SOUND” Method will enable you to productively steer your team and to maximize your team’s potential in the VUCA world. In this session, we will introduce an overview of the “SOUND” method and also the “SOUND” Cards, a tool created based on the “SOUND” method.

Leadership producer and organizational transformation facilitator. He provides leadership development and organizational development support with a focus on mindset transformation under the theme of “realization of co-creation based on the integration of authenticity and leadership. ” Combining individual, team, and organizational transformation techniques such as coaching, group facilitation, and workshop leading, he has been involved in a wide variety of human and organizational themes.
Juri is an English/Japanese bilingual executive coach, consultant and facilitator based in Tokyo, Japan. She supports clients in the shaping of agile global leaders, the building of confident teams and the capture of innovation. Her motto: Love yourself. Truly. What does this mean? To love is to trust. Rational thinking and piercing into a rationale of truth is only one aspect of truth and only one aspect of love.

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