Integral Art at IEC 2022

We are happy to present to you the artists of IEC 2022. Meet Bea Palya, singer-songwriter-coach, Martina Höss, who studied at the Vienna art school and the academy of art therapy, Nish Dubashia, British writer and mathematician, Dr. Ute Weber, MA MSc is a transpersonal researcher and Steve Banks, creator of the experiential course ‘Demystifying Mysticism’, host of  ‘The Creative Furnace’ : Conversations With Integral Artists’ on Integral Life.

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Bea Palya
Find your own voice, vocalize your authentic self
Budapest Live, Broadcasted

It’s a deep and joyful process helping us to vocalize our authentic self. We can find our own voice, and sing ourselves through difficulties. But it takes courages to connect to our deep core essence and express our emotions. So I create a safe space: like an ancient singer, I use my voice, courage, and love to sing a tribe together. Songs are the most powerful form of communication, simultaneously penetrating both our minds and our souls. So we work with body and mind: 1. Vocal technique and the joy of singing, embodiment of the voice: breathing, making exercises to deeply connect our voice to our body, visceral visualization processes, practicing how to pour our emotions into singing, learning easy melodies to open and strengthen our voices. 2. The basic building blocks of songwriting: embracing our personal history through free writing, discussions. Playing with sounds, intonation, and tempo, pairing our own words with an already-existing melody. All participants will create a first draft of their own songs growing out of their own explorations.

Bea Palya, singer-songwriter-coach.

She has been singing since my childhood. Hungarian, Romani, Bulgarian folk songs are her musical “mother tongue”. After a 3 decades-long performing carrier, with highlights like singing in Carnegie Hall, her focus is on service of her tribe: she helps women thought leaders to vocalize their authentic self, to speak in a way that their voice is heard and their message comes through. She teaches joyful singing to find our own voice, and to heal ourselves with original songs.

Martina Höss & Nish Dubashia & Dr. Ute Weber
Integral Art Lab: DIGNITY With Art

Our contribution to IEC 2022 on the theme of PEACE is an Integral Art Lab on the theme of DIGNITY with art by Martina Höss.

Our intention is to explore DIGNITY, a human potential and a fundamental logical right, based in constitutional interpretation on rationality and free will, but more than that, a consciously felt and embodied interrelation with all that is.

This “unity of everything” is revealed in the diamond model unfolded by Nishad Dubashia in his so-called book. It shows the universal principle of the process of creation from wholeness to multiplicity and, in our context, the manifestation of human potential through embodiment.

The Integral Art Lab developed by Ute Weber follows a dynamic process of perceiving and embodying subtle information, transparent communication in dialogue and creative deepening from the unique resonance in the aesthetic experience of artworks.

The artworks of integral artist Martina Höss materialize subtle information from amaterial dimensions. Her paintings offer us an extraordinary opportunity to connect with these realms through deep seeing, feeling, sensing and becoming aware in the form of journaling.

Beyond the shared experience, an interrelationship takes place between participants, and new information emerges from the collective field we realize together.

Participants experience that DIGNITY can be embodied through a consciously remembered and activated vertical and horizontal interrelation, the basis for peaceful relationships 


Martina Höss is passionate about color alchemy, oil painting, and how to transmit higher states of consciousness and the inward reality of the formless, pure Self onto her canvas. She studied at the Vienna art school and the academy of art therapy. During her 40 solo-  and group exhibitions, since 1997, she started providing guidance for energetic communication with the paintings, to stimulate the viewer’s spiritual intelligence and ease meeting one’s light of consciousness through her art.

Ute Weber, MA MSc is a transpersonal researcher. She studied philosophy with a focus on the aesthetic experience of art, art history with a focus on the experience of the numinous in Byzantine art, and founded the Integral Art Lab Hub to open spaces for experiencing the interconnectedness of man and the world. In various formats – Integral Meditation, Integral Salon, Integral Art Lab, a.o. – Ute offers opportunities to develop consciousness and creativity and to realize one’s own potential.

Nish Dubashia is a British writer and mathematician.
He is the author of two novels (Gifted and Dancing with Angels), as well as The Unity of Everything: A Conversation with David Bohm, which has been referenced in academic journals and conferences.
Nish is a public speaker, having spoken at the Humanity Rising Global Summit, the World Unity Week, and the Science and Consciousness conference. He has also been featured in the Integral Leadership Review with his dialogue partner Peter Merry.

Steve Banks
Integral music for a world culture

The world premiere of Steve’s inspirational choral work, ‘Blue Pearl: A One World Oratorio’ will be just before the IEC conference, 14.5.22 in London and online. It is the first major sacred choral work to convey Integral spirituality.

We will go through an Integral debrief of the experience of listening to Blue Pearl (you need to have heard either the concert or the demo recording on Steve’s website). What is the impact of listening to this Integral music and also the opening ritual, especially in relation to the feeling of *human* identity, transcending identity with a particular race or creed?

Then we will focus on music as a building block in the evolution of a global culture, where peace between nations becomes a real possibility. National anthems play an important role in maintaining a sense of national identity. We need ‘world anthems’, such as ‘One Mother, One Father’ and ‘Blue Pearl’, acting as ‘magnets’ for worldcentric culture.

Steve has performed with diverse ensembles from the London Symphony Orchestra to the Carnival Band. The world premiere of his ground-breaking, Integral-inspired choral work, ‘Blue Pearl: A One Oratorio’ will be on 14.5.22 in London and online. He has been an Integral meditation practitioner for 25 years and has created the experiential course ‘Demystifying Mysticism’. He hosts ‘The Creative Furnace’ : Conversations With Integral Artists’ on Integral Life.

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