See numbers and feedbacks from IEC 2022 Hybrid!

This year’s Integral European Conference had a unique, hybrid format: it took place partly in the online space and live in Budapest. IEC 2022 has been successfully completed with the participation of 600 people from 50 countries (see above), becoming one of the greatest global gatherings of the integral world.

IEC 2022 Hybrid was an astonishing five-day journey with so much joy, deepness and potential in discovering new ideas.

Read some of the feedbacks that we got from participants and presenters:

Thank you for shining light on this important topic. To me, Spiritual Activism is Dhamma In Action. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

“Flowing with every note of music is easy peace. Flowing with water in a stream is easy peace. Flowing with grass as it grows, is easy peace. Flowing with clouds as they move and shift, is easy peace.

Flowing with conflict, war, hatred, suffering, and all of my thoughts and reactions to those, is not easy peace, until I let go and flow.”

Phra Dhammajaro Udom

Filled with gratitude for the amazing 5-day experience of this years IEC. I can hardly believe it’s over!

Let me repeat my words of gratitude to all who made this event so special from last night:

Looking back at the conference, I believe we can be proud of this experiment – the Hybrid IEC format – that, despite the various unfavorable ongoings in the world, once again brought hundreds of people from all over the world together. The richness the speakers brought to us; the many different connections, both online and in person, the dialogues, the silence, the music, singing and dancing, the mindfulness and presence, and over all the interest and supporting energy of all you participants … If we compare this to ingredients of a recipe, I believe together we cooked a multi course meal that gifted us with a great deal of sensual pleasure. We cannot thank you all enough for being here with us and co-creating this experience!!

Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller

It was indeed an amazing experiment that far exceeded my expectations. Thanks to you and Bence for holding such a beautiful space between the online and live folks. 

Gabriel Powell


This IEC spiraled way above and beyond the excellent in person one of 2016. A Deep Bow to all who Presented. Organized and maintained the FLow ( even accommodating a Horn Player(!) of All Things!) 

Taom MacDougall

The IEC was a colorful flower garden, full of wisdom and heartful experiences. Thank you, Christiane, Bence, and everyone who made it happen. Very special and beautiful in taste!

Martina Höss

The hybrid environment that IEC offered this year was an innovative and amazing experience. It allowed those of us who missed meeting in-person, and could actually make it to Budapest, to meet and catch up after all these years of meeting online. And for those who couldn’t make it, it allowed for an online presence to maintain connection and benefit from the great integral knowledge and experience offered by the conference. It was also my first time to join the integral tour, the 3 day tour after the conference, and I must say it was a perfect rounding up to the IEC conference. 

I cannot thank or praise Bence and the entire IEC team enough for the remarkable organization of both the IEC conference and the Integral tour. Everything was professional, impeccable, and arranged at the highest standards, yet at the same time friendly and safe, creating a sense of family and belonging. 

I am already looking forward to IEC 2023, which I definitely plan on attending in person, and to once again joining the 2023 Integral tour.


Khaled ElSherbini

Check out some of the visual recordings of the keynotes made by Mathias Weitbrecht!

Ken Wilber, Integral Education for World Peace

Vytautas Buciunas, The Zelensky Challenge & Kateryna Yasko, Ukraine: a Heart Blown Open

Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller, New Stories of Love, Power and Purpose

John Dupuy, An Experiential Vision Quest Workshop

Vivian Dittmar, Conflict as a Gateway to a New Consciousness

Dr. Gabor Maté, Trauma Healing and World Peace

Dr. Khaled ElSherbini, Stages of the Heart: The Enneagram Types of Waking Up

Check out some pictures from the first and second day of IEC 2022!

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