Announcing IEC 2023, 24-28 May – save the date!

Dear IEC Friends!

We are excited to let you know that we are organising
the next Integral European Conference!

IEC 2023 will take place between
24th – 28th May, 2023

The complete IEC event, including all pre- and post- programmes,
will take place between 20th May and 7th June.

See full timeline here

We are organising an in-person conference at the comfortable and fun Hotel Azúr in Siófok, Hungary. The hotel is already booked for IEC for these dates.

An unforgettable experience

600 people from 50 countries, 5 continents
Participants and presenters are coming in person from all over the world: Europe, USA, Latin-America, Asia, Australia and Africa
200 presentations,15 keynote speakers, 80 experiential workshops
Pre-conference training with Dr. Robert Kegan
Post-conference sightseeing tour
Integral Summer Retreat
5 days core IEC experience, 12 days filled with programs

Some confirmed keynote speakers are:

Ken Wilber

Founder of Integral Theory

Vivian Dittmar

Emotional theorist, author of 6 books

Gabor Mate

Physician, internationally renowned trauma expert

Rica Viljoen

Spiral Dynamics expert and spiral wizard in Africa

Dr. Robert Kegan

Harvard Adult Development Theorist

Bence Gánti

Integral clinical psychologist, IEC director

We would also like to bring your attention to the pre-IEC weekend courses held before the main dates (24th-28th May, 2023), including Robert Kegan’s workshop.

Additionally, you will be able to join us on a three-day-long, post-conference Integral Tour all around beautiful, cultural and spiritual places of Hungary.

After the Tour around Hungary you will have the opportunity to participate in an Integral Summer Retreat “Opening and Healing”, organised and lead by our host, Bence Gánti. During this experiental workshop he offers a first hand experience and knowledge on how to work with Wilberian Stages, integrating therapeutical and spiritual work by using different states of consciousness. This can facilitate your own personal growth and you can get to know some new styles of integral groupwork. The residential workshop takes place on the Hungarian countryside in a wonderful retreat centre surrounded by nature.  

Stay tuned for more details on tickets, the full program,
the list of presenters and other useful information about
the next gathering of the global integral world!

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