Presenter’s Application Deadline Extended with 15 Days!

We’ve noticed that people just heard of IEC and need some more time to apply as presenter, so we extend the deadline for presenter applications to the 15th of February.

You have 2 weeks to apply to the biggest integral conference focused on bridging psychology, spirituality, personal, organizational and societal development, the Integral European Conference.

Be with like-minded individuals, 200 presenters and 14 keynote speakers, among them:

Ken Wilber, founder of Integral Theory

Gabor Maté, renowned addiction, trauma, and development expert

Dr. Robert Kegan, legendary adult development theorist

Terri O’Fallon, creator of the STAGES model

– and many more!

Application Guidelines

IEC attracts experts, practitioners, leading-edge thinkers, psychotherapists, coaches, healers, spiritual teachers, artists and change agents from a wide spectrum of subjects, fields, cultures, genders, nearly 50 countries, every continent, all ages from Baby Boomer to Generation Z.

Please note: these following instructions apply to all of the contribution formats. 

Whether you decide to offer informative keynotes, engaging workshops, morning practices to start the day; artistic performances to bring us into awe; visual posters in the lobby, or promotional tables in the main communal areas where everybody passes daily.

Prerequisites for Presenting

  1. You have, will have a ticket to IEC 2023
    • If a presenter has financial difficulty and this would discourage him or her from applying, we suggest the person let us know about it, so that we can see if we can help with some scholarship.
  2. You can connect, explain, contextualise your work within the Integral Model
    • We will choose contributors who have sufficient integral understanding of key concepts to locate their topic within AQAL over “ non-AQAL-fluent” contributors
  3. You have applied till the 15th of February
    • Later submissions may be reviewed but the likelihood of admission drops by 80% after the deadline, since available slots will likely be taken.

Application Steps

  1. First Create a Membership Page here
    • After registration you will get an email with your username and password.
    • If you have attended IEC before, you will not be able to register again with the same email address. In this case, please write an email to
  2. Log in here
  3. Once inside, add one or more “presenters” and “events”
    • Add additional “presenters” in case you represent someone, co-present, or co-lead and activity
    • Both workshops, presentations count as “events”
    • If you apply for both, create separate “events”

If you run into any problems, write to


Notification of acceptance (or rejection) is continuous and we hope to complete it by the end of February. However, if you have not had any communication from us by then, please write an email asking for the status of your application.

We can’t wait to read your submissions!

With Love,
The IEC Team

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