Volunteer at IEC! – Make a Difference

Do you want to take part in facilitating the magical atmosphere for the biggest integral conference?

Join the IEC Team of integral enthusiasts, support our community with your active contribution and enjoy the significant price reductions!


  • 50% reduction of your regional ‘Basic Ticket’ on the conference fee
  • Affordable Accommodation close to the conference hotel. Double rooms, close to the location of the event. It costs € 25 per night instead of € 80 at Hotel Azur.
  • Daily Staff Meals are provided for the days of volunteering: lunch + dinner
  • Give preferences for service days / conference days
    We will consider your wishes, and try our best in optimizing it, and please note, that we cannot guarantee a desired slots, it depends on the availability of all others too.
  • Higher reducions on the conference fee are possible provided you are available full-time throughout the conference and will be decided upon individual basis.


  • Registration, Host
    Greet the guests at the main conference hall; at the restaurant; other locations. Answer their arising questions and provide information to them
  • Info Help Desk
    Provide information about the venue, programs etc.
  • Event Room Technicians
    Support the presenters, help with the laptop, projector, mic, and keep the event room nice and tidy, arrange the seats etc.
  • General Assistant
    Help with any tasks in the preparation, and during the run of the days
  • Delivery Person
    Similar to the tasks of ’general assistant’, additionally you will deal with deliveries between the venue and the city, or other external locations

During your days of duties, beside your tasks, there will be plenty of time when you can participate at the events of the conference, especially at the main stage events. As the technician/event room responsible person, you can participate at the whole presentations in your room.


  • Be available during any of the main conference days Wednesday to Sunday
    We have some limited tasks during the preparation, on Monday and Tuesday.
  • You must speak good English
    You should speak good English. If your language skills are severely limited, your chances are lower, still, we may consider your application if we can find a suitable position for you.
  • Basic tech savvieness
    If you are a technician and know about dealing with presenter equipment – all the better!
  • Service-mindset and intrinsic motivation
    A sense that you want the people of the integral world to meet, and spread this thinking in the world. We, the IEC organisers, do all conferences based on this feeling and motivation. A feeling of enthusiasm, love, gratitude, or similar inspirations towards the integral movement, or its representatives, like Ken Wilber’s work, or some others devoting their lives to spread this. We need people who are attentive, self-organized and able to follow orders, but don’t rely on receiving orders to act on behalf of the whole. We don’t need half-hearted people who are just going through the motions. This is not just a job to save money on the conference fee – this is serving the Integral European Conference and everything that this is connected to it beyond this singular event.
  • Work at least 50% of the time
    In order to receive the volunteer discounts, volunteers are expected to work at least 50% of the main conference, that is 2 full days, and one half day. That enables volunteers to take part in programs in the other half of the time. Please know, that if you are a volunteer you need to do your job as a volunteer, otherwise the conference would cripple. That is why we offer the half-half option so that volunteers can also freely take part in certain days.

If you have any questions, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Marton Visi at marton.visible@gmail.com

With Love

The IEC Team

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