Post-Postmodern Retreat Chooser Guide

Today, we are going to look through 3 upcoming retreats in the post-postmodern space, all of them taking place in May and June respectively. The goal of this article is give you an overview of what each of them is for, who is it for, what they individually entail, how they are special.

Retreats can be a great way to get away from the external world, let all the theory simmer down into our deepest parts for a more integrated, embodied sense in our being. They all share this pursuit.

We are going to look at:

  • The Metamodern Spirituality Retreat
  • The Integral Youth Gathering
  • The Integral Summer Retreat

Each of them is organised by esteemed people in our space, all aiming for different ways of achieving emergent integration. Our hope is that by the end of the article, you’ll have a clear understanding of their special perks and benefits. And if for some reason you can’t make it to the one you want, consider your other options and stay in touch with the organisers!

The Metamodern Spirituality Retreats

Time: May 23-28th

Location: Stannard, Vermont, USA

Main Organisers: Layman Pascal & Brendan Graham Dempsey

For Those Who: have a both/and sensibility, a deep interest in collaboratively evolving the new spirituality

The Metamodern Spirituality Retreats are gatherings particularly for people who have a both/and sensibility & a deep interest in collaboratively evolving the new spirituality, this speaks to the whole “liminal web” crowd, including Game B folks, and systems thinkers, and complexity science folks, and sense-makers, big history, consciousness studied, and such. Featuring prominent guests from these tribes, e.g., Bruce Alderman, Gregg Henriques, Zak Stein, Daniel Thorson, etc. it’s the closest thing to a cycling population of lay spiritual community committed to metatheoretical-level understanding of reality paired with embodied spiritual practice.

While Layman is the one “leading” the talks, sittings, themes, etc. the goal is not a one-way transmission of information. It is to provide a context and experiential data for the emerging collaborative intelligence to generate and align new spirituality. So the last retreat was on “Goodness” in a metamodern sense, this one is “Breathwork“. The next one might be “God“. Layman is kind of a conductor trying to arrange the situation in which the field itself can be the instructor, and then harvesting what emerges to help inform the next event. So each one of these retreats builds on what came before. 

The most important feature is to generate an intersubjective vibe that these people can bathe in, and then harvest that for (a) insights into how metamodern spirituality can operate (b) subtle prompts toward the next event/iteraction. What has been progressively unfolding is mutual trust, an orientation toward ecology, the imaginal and place, ritual play and a renewed passion for developmental discussion.

Another aspect of Layman’s approach is to get the mixture of structure and openness correct.  We plan to have enough talk, activities and sessions to fill the time but that is just a beginning.  Those sessions are modified or even sacrificed if the field seems to be doing something else important.  

More info about the Metamodern Spirituality Retreat here

Integral Youth Gathering

Time: May 10-14th

Location: Zöbern, Austria

Main Organisers: Jakob Possert & Lennart Tjarks

For Those Who: are willing to self-initiate, integrally inspired, 18-42 year olds

We are weaving a “net of trust” meaning that all co-creators/participants are friends (of friends (of friends)) of the two co-leads, bridging the international younger audience in the post-postmodern communities.

We are relating in an intentional culture inspired by Circling Europe, We-Flow and Authentic Relating, emerging in a safe & brave space. The central elements are our reminders of our 5 liberating freedoms that rest on top of the foundation of “giving freedom before we give (ourselves or each other) anything”. There are no boundaries imposed on us from the location (apart from property damage and upholding the liberal Austrian law) What will happen is entirely up to us, since we practice a co-creator mindset that let’s us grow up from a consumer role. 

As concrete examples, co-creators will host We-Spaces like Authentic Relating™ or Integral Life Practice sessions as well as singing and sauna sessions.

We have already defined several workshops – but as an alternative to creating something you can also always meditate or rest. And in the end, everyone self-initiates to meet their own needs and can offer to fulfil desires of others.

More info about the Integral Youth Gathering here

Integral Summer Retreat

Time: June 2-7th

Location: Siófok, Hungary

Main Organiser: Bence Gánti

For Those Who: seek the integration through a blend therapeutic facilitation with intense shared altered states

Bence has spent 26+ years facilitating 1000+ groups, 50+ retreats combining the healing and transformative methods of the human psyche and soul. From group to individual, verbal to non-verbal, from gentle to powerful, shamanic to scientific, earthly to heavenly, grounding to transcendent, all which has become his integrated approach, Integral Flow.

Thanks to his dynamic agility of therapeutic, mystical modalities, his facilitation holds space for higher realms of development through a synthesis of methods that embrace all expressions across development.

Through bodywork and encounter exercises, the Integral Flow Approach puts people into a deeper state of consciousness where subtle encounter experiences and the flow state appear both in individuals and the group. Combined with sharing our experience verbally, it has a quick healing effect on the lack of contact and connection that many of us carry simply by living in today’s highly individualised world.

An Integral Flow retreat is intensely experiential, as it includes a dynamic range of talking circles, movement, contact flow, music, psychodrama and somatic expressions. Plenty of break times, outdoor activities and meditation.

And we are introduced QnA Calls, where you can book a 15 minute session and engage with someone from our team to help you find what you are looking for! 

More info about the Integral Summer Retreat here

With Love

The IEC Team

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