Integral Look at Avatar 2: The Way of Water

Why Does It Matter To The Integral Community? A movie about culture wars, colonisation, spirituality, tribal myths, and a planetary soul among many others, bringing awareness to record breaking eyeballs across the planet. With this years theme of IEC being Planetary Awakening 2.0, it feels timely to take an integral look at the many meanings […]

Love, Power and Purpose – Interview with Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller

Love, Power and Purpose  Interview with Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller  We are pleased to announce that Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller, an experienced entrepreneur, international cusiness consultant, coach and self-organization specialist, will present at IEC Online 2021. She has previously given two keynote speeches at the Integral European Conference, in 2018 at Siófok with the title “Purpose Agents as Allies […]

Call for Artists – IEC Online 2021

CALL FOR ARTISTS The Integral European Conference is looking for artists to exhibit at their upcoming online conference in May 19-23, 2021.   The theme for the exhibition and our Art Night is The Beautiful   In our integral world, we often talk about The Good, The True and The Beautiful. How do integral people experience the Beautiful […]

The STAGES of a Planetary Awakening

Shared Needs of a Shared Evolution As with any meta-movement, like Integral Theory, we rest on a dynamic system of multiple interpretations. We gather more than a 100 expressions for the same analog things, which lead our shared journey to two major outstanding needs. 1. How can we make sure, we are working with unified […]

Integral Stage Group Therapy

Dear IEC Friends A significant portion of our community shares being in the helper-niche, dedicated to providing healing and transformative experiences to others. We council people one-on-one, hold groups, workshops, courses or whatever transmission we have at hand. One thing we felt under discussed is what working with groups would look like in an integral […]

It’s All One – Dr Gabor Maté’s Keynote

Can Western Medicine Ever be Non-dualistic? Non-duality, or advaita in Sanskrit, which means “not-two,” has been the backbone of all mystical, esoteric and holistic frameworks. It refers to the singularity in the internal-external world and the underlying connectedness of our illusory separate lives. When one recognises this, the weight they bear dissolves along with their […]

The Future, AI and Consciousness

The Intersection Just like a monkey, a tree, and a banana, these three concepts don’t really occur without one another. With the recent progressions of large and accessible artificial intelligence (AI) for the masses, like ChatGPT, mystics and futurists join for dialogue once again to bridge their disciplines, reveal the truth that lies in the […]

Volunteer at IEC! – Make a Difference

Do you want to take part in facilitating the magical atmosphere for the biggest integral conference? Join the IEC Team of integral enthusiasts, support our community with your active contribution and enjoy the significant price reductions! Benefits Roles During your days of duties, beside your tasks, there will be plenty of time when you can […]

How To Have a Planetary Awakening in 2023

Dear IEC Friends Should we all be vegan? Should everyone stop watching the news? What if we put ayahuasca in our tap water? What does it REALLY mean to awaken as a whole? What does it mean to awakened at all? We are glad to announce that Ken Wilber, the founder of the largest synthesis […]

The Venue of The Biggest Integral Gathering

Dear IEC Friends, Our conference, which is the largest gathering in the integral world, is less than 3 months away. You also have just one week left to secure your spot for just €99 with instalment pay. As IEC is fully live this year, we wanted to give you the important details about its whereabouts, […]

Integral! Let’s Not Vanish Into Thin Air

Nomali Perera’s Keynote Presentation In May Integral Theory, as most of us know it, is a valuable meaning-making tool born of Ken Wilber. Although his first book was published in the 80’s, Wilber himself has largely remained a recluse over the years. The only time during which he was most active in public was around […]

Integral Guide For ChatGPT, The Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT, which is short for Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer, is a free artificial intelligence (AI) software that has the ability to engage in human-like conversation language on any topic. But it’s more than just a fancy chatbot. It represents a whole new way of interacting with our collective knowledge and, in turn, with ourselves. Since […]

Your Inner GPS – Vivian Dittmar’s Keynote Announcement

Dear IEC Friends, We are pleased to introduce Vivian Dittmar, IEC 2023 Keynote Speaker, author, speaker and wisdom teacher!  Vivian has been committed to fostering the holistic development of people, society, business and consciousness for two decades, now she is returning to IEC with a timeless message. In the age of information, where constant inputs from the outer world […]