Breakthroughs and Blindspots of Big Tech in Teal

Many “Big Tech” corporations attract engineers by prioritizing their employees’ well-being as well as productivity. Some have even adopted Teal culture (LL) and practices (LR) for human-centered collaboration at scale. For example, cultures that value psychological safety uncover more – and more diverse – perspectives when brainstorming and problem-solving.   Google’s engineering organization is arguably the […]

MetAware Scientific Methodology

Scientific Methodologies grow up. Their developmental trajectory includes qualitative measurements popular at the 3.5 Achiever stage, to qualitative descriptions at the 4.0 Pluralist stage, to mixed methods at the 4.5 Teal stage. But what kind of methodology evolves into the MetAware tier of development? Advanced states are required to access the MetAware stages in addition […]

“Integral Transcendence – Nurturing Life”

Last Year I presented the Integral Transcendence Model. It was a model  I developed to present my perception of living a balanced life by transcending in the 4 quadrants, with an inside out approach. And how it can achieve not only the personal serenity & peace, but also, it’s a core for world’s peace. This […]

A Perspective of Love

This paper discusses the possible problems in interpreting mettā (loving-kindness) as an objective energy that exists outside of consciousness. It is suggested that that interpretation may be a reification of loving-kindness. Understanding benevolence as empirically sensed energy might be a modern interpretation of an ancient concept. A scientific explanations of this concept, as something that […]

Why Relationships Matter for Planetary Awakening

Realize why being in a healthy sustainable Integral Love Relationship not only matters for our own well-being and flourishing, but also for that of our soulmate, humanity, and future generations. Recognize that all functional systems are created by wholes who are parts of larger wholes, like whole humans who are parts of healthy couples, who […]

New World Phiosophy for Everyone

I would like to present New World Philosophy for Everyone, which is a philosophical “product”. As such it can be disseminated to the population. Spiral Dynamics, Ego Development Theory (SCG)  and other social and humanistic theories were assembled together into a meta-theory that describes the developmental model, which performs the developmental process. Global Awakening is […]

The Momentous Leap: Moving to Second Tier by Devel

The momentous leap to second tier is supported by maturing our spiritual intelligence. Key SQ21 competencies and practices support SQ development, which act as a springboard toward later stages of adult development. This paper focuses on specific competencies such as complexity of inner thought, discernment between ego and higher self, welcoming different worldviews, experience of […]

A Path To Wholeness: Women’s Authentic Leadership

This qualitative study provides a comprehensive understanding of how women experience authentic leadership throughout the stages of adult development, bridging Robert Kegan’s orders of consciousness and Terri O’Fallon’s STAGES. The current context is a culture deeply conflicted by women’s authority, where men and women, along with the gendered structure of most organizations, hold unconscious biases […]

Becoming Integral in the Anthropocene

This paper descriptively examines the emergent poetics of planetary thinking that our age—the geological epoch of the Anthropocene—is calling forth in us, and how an integral ontology could help to enact them. First, I begin by grounding us in the phenomenological approach to integral philosophy offered through Jean Gebser (1905-1973), which helps us identify the […]

Design Being: practices of adaptive creativity

Roles and best practices in design are effective in solving superficial problems, but they fall short of addressing the deeper challenges that we face, both individually and collectively. While Design Being acknowledges the designer within everyone, it makes a special appeal to emerging leaders who recognize the need for bold yet grounded change. Emerging designers […]