The Human Organisation

We present our research and work experience that is just about to be published in the book: “The Human Organisation” in spring 2023. To the audience of IEC, we will speak about following themes: – Introduction into our work – Overview of the four industralisations in order to understand where we come frome, where we […]

Purpose as Evolutionary (and Involutionary) Driver

Finding and living Purpose is an essential task as we face the global metacrises. We must hasten an evolved humanity who can grasp the crises, discern our role on the global response team, and become wise and resilient enough to create solutions. Humans are evolutionary beings, always birthing another version when equipped to accomplish developmental […]

Summary of research studies on the STAGES model

STAGES is a relatively new developmental model created by Terri O’Fallon, which extends Loevinger’s ego development model and assessment framework. It adds additional stage levels and includes theory of four foundational parameters underpinning all stage transitions, which was inspired by Wilber’s quadrant model.  In this presentation we will summarize a number of research studies of, […]

Generation Z From the Inside

With more and more technological and cultural impacts of the online age taking place, we must not forget to transcend and include the youth who grew up in it. How do we relate to integral? How might you best assist us on our growth? How did the internet, social media, technologies impact us? While generationalism can […]

Breakthroughs and Blindspots of Big Tech in Teal

Many “Big Tech” corporations attract engineers by prioritizing their employees’ well-being as well as productivity. Some have even adopted Teal cultures (LL) and practices (LR) for human-centered collaboration at scale. For example, groups that value psychological safety uncover more – and more diverse – perspectives when brainstorming and problem-solving. Google’s engineering organization is arguably the […]

MetAware Scientific Methodology

Scientific Methodologies grow up. Their developmental trajectory includes qualitative measurements popular at the 3.5 Achiever stage, to qualitative descriptions at the 4.0 Pluralist stage, to mixed methods at the 4.5 Teal stage. But what kind of methodology evolves into the MetAware tier of development? Advanced states are required to access the MetAware stages in addition […]

Integral Transcendence – Nurturing Life

Last Year I presented the Integral Transcendence Model. It was a model  I developed to present my perception of living a balanced life by transcending in the 4 quadrants, with an inside out approach. And how it can achieve not only the personal serenity & peace, but also, it’s a core for world’s peace. This […]

A Perspective of Love

This paper discusses the possible problems in interpreting mettā (loving-kindness) as an objective energy that exists outside of consciousness. It is suggested that that interpretation may be a reification of loving-kindness. Understanding benevolence as empirically sensed energy might be a modern interpretation of an ancient concept. A scientific explanations of this concept, as something that […]

Why Relationships Matter for Planetary Awakening

Realize why being in a healthy sustainable Integral Love Relationship not only matters for our own well-being and flourishing, but also for that of our soulmate, humanity, and future generations. Recognize that all functional systems are created by wholes who are parts of larger wholes, like whole humans who are parts of healthy couples, who […]

New World Philosophy for Everyone

I would like to present New World Philosophy for Everyone, which is a philosophical “product”. As such it can be disseminated to the population. Spiral Dynamics, Ego Development Theory (SCG)  and other social and humanistic theories were assembled together into a meta-theory that describes the developmental model, which performs the developmental process. Global Awakening is […]

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